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Posted by Susana Shephard (@susanashephard) · Mar 7, 2014

Mayo Clinic Expands Its Reach in 2013

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Mayo Clinic Care Network 3-06-14A Milestone for the Future of Health Care in Arizona 

The Far East met the Southwest as Mayo Clinic in Arizona employees, benefactors, community leaders, and Hitachi leadership joined together in a traditional Japanese ceremony to welcome the arrival of the first wave of proton beam equipment.

Mayo Clinic Expands Its Reach in 2013

John Noseworthy, M.D., CEO and president at Mayo Clinic, reports that Mayo Clinic reached a record 63 million people in 2013.

Integrated Care: Improving Patient Outcomes and Lowering Costs

Robert Nesse, M.D., vice-president at Mayo Clinic, explains how Mayo Clinic is a leader in the effort to change the health care system and improve the value of the care we deliver to patients.



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