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Bryan Anderson (@bryananderson) posted · Thu, Jun 12 9:58am · View  

Mayo Clinic, Parrish Medical Center Announce Collaboration

Parrish Medical Center invited to become only member of Mayo Care Clinic Network in Central Florida

TITUSVILLE, Fla. — Mayo Clinic and Parrish Medical Center officials have announced Parrish Medical Center (PMC) as the 29th member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. PMC is the first Central Florida member of the network and the third in Florida.

Parrish Medical Center Entrance


William Rupp M.D., CEO Mayo Clinic in Florida

The Mayo Clinic Care Network extends Mayo Clinic’s knowledge to physicians and providers interested in working together in the best interest of their patients. Using digital technology, physicians with Parrish Medical Group and the Florida Health Network will be able to collaborate with Mayo Clinic on patient care, community health and innovative health care delivery. These physicians will have access to the latest evidence-based medical information through the AskMayoExpert database and connect directly with Mayo specialists on questions related to complex medical cases.

“We’re excited to formalize our relationship with Parrish Medical Center,” says William Rupp, M.D., chief executive officer of Mayo Clinic in Florida. “We share a commitment to improving care and value for patients, and this has become increasingly important in a changing health care environment. By sharing what we know, we can complement local physician expertise and address patients’ needs while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their care.”


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Bryan Anderson (@bryananderson) posted · Tue, Jun 3 11:11am · View  

Mayo Clinic Study Reveals Types and Severity of Youth Ice Hockey Injuries

ROCHESTER, Minn. — A new Mayo Clinic study in Pediatrics reviews the types and severity of injuries among youth ice hockey players. The study examined the spectrum of injuries and found fractures and concussions to be most frequent, with many of these injuries requiring hospitalization and surgery.

“Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Minnesota and is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the United States. Due to the fast, hard-hitting nature of the game, people often ask, ‘What kinds of injuries might happen to my children?’” says study author Michael Ishitani, M.D., pediatric surgeon, Mayo Clinic Children’s Center. “Most injuries occurred in boys and older children, though approximately 20 percent occurred in girls, which is higher than previously reported.”

Journalists: Broadcast quality sound bites are available in the downloads.

The study reviewed patients over a 16-year period who were evaluated at a pediatric trauma center after sustaining injury while participating in ice hockey. Fractures and head injuries were the most common, with differences based on age and gender. For example, older boys were more likely to present with an extremity injury, while girls of all ages and younger children were more likely to present with concussion symptoms. Overall, the number of life-threatening injuries was small.

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Bryan Anderson (@bryananderson) posted · Thu, May 15 12:39pm · View  

UnityPoint Health – Cedar Rapids, Mayo Clinic Announce Collaboration

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — UnityPoint Health – Cedar Rapids is the first health care organization in Iowa to be selected to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a national network of like-minded organizations that share a commitment to better serving patients and their families.

The network, which began in 2011, now includes 28 member organizations across the country and internationally that are interested in working with Mayo Clinic to improve the delivery of health care by sharing knowledge and promoting collaboration between physicians.

UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids, IowaAs part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, UnityPoint Health – Cedar Rapids now has access to Mayo Clinic’s knowledge and expertise when its providers feel that additional resources will be helpful to patients, allowing many to avoid unnecessary travel for answers to complex medical questions.

“UnityPoint Health – Cedar Rapids has earned national recognition multiple times for high quality, low cost health care,” says Ted Townsend, president and CEO of UnityPoint – Cedar Rapids. “We believe this collaboration with Mayo Clinic elevates health care standards for our region. It’s about improving care and reducing costs. By working with the world-renowned experts at Mayo Clinic, we will enhance the quality of care and the quality of life in our community.” [...]

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Bryan Anderson (@bryananderson) posted · Mon, May 5 11:32am · View  

Mayo Clinic Study Finds Nerve Damage After Hip Surgery May Be Due to Inflammation

ROCHESTER, Minn. — A recent Mayo Clinic Proceedings article links some nerve damage after hip surgery to inflammatory neuropathy. Historically, nerve damage from hip surgery has been attributed to mechanical factors caused by anesthesiologists or surgeons, such as positioning of the patient during surgery or direct surgical injury of the nerves.

In this study, researchers examined patients who developed inflammatory neuropathies, where the immune system attacks the nerves, leading to weakness and pain. Inflammatory neuropathies may be treated with immunotherapy.

“Neuropathy after surgery can significantly affect postsurgical outcomes,” says Nathan Staff, M.D., Ph.D., Mayo Clinic neurologist. “The good news is that if we’re able to identify patients experiencing postsurgical inflammatory neuropathy, rather than damage caused by a mechanical process, we may be able to provide treatment immediately to mitigate pain and improve overall outcomes.”


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Bryan Anderson (@bryananderson) posted · Tue, Apr 29 3:48pm · View  

State-of-the-Art Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center Expansion Opens May 5


ROCHESTER, Minn. — Mayo Clinic will open its state-of-the-art Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center expansion at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center on May 5. The new space includes multiple playing surfaces, such as hardwood for basketball and volleyball, artificial grass for turf sports, artificial ice for hockey, and specialized lifting platforms.

“Whether you are an elite, professional athlete or a ‘weekend warrior,’ we are able to develop programs to fit all athletes’ needs,” says Edward Laskowski, M.D., co-director, Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center. “We have long had world-renowned experts in all areas of sports medicine, but through our expansion here in Rochester and our new facility being developed in downtown Minneapolis, we have the increased resources to meet growing demand.”Youth hockey player tests hockey performance solution program.

The new space offers performance solution programs, including hockey, golf, running, baseball/softball, anterior cruciate ligament injury prevention, return-to-sport, and EXOS training. The programs begin with individualized assessment and are then tailored to meet individual needs, regardless of age or level of athletic achievement.

“Active children become active adults, so we take great pride in serving people of all ages to achieve their sports performance and fitness needs,” says Michael Stuart, M.D., co-director, Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center. “Our team of physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and strength and conditioning specialists will help prevent injury, refine skills and speed recovery so people can spend more time doing what they love at the highest level possible.”

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Bryan Anderson (@bryananderson) posted · Tue, Apr 1 10:58am · View  

Stormont-Vail HealthCare Announces Collaboration with Mayo Clinic

TOPEKA, Kan. — April 1, 2014 — Stormont-Vail HealthCare and Mayo Clinic officials announced today that the Topeka-based health system has become a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, a national network of like-minded organizations that share a commitment to better serving patients and families. Stormont-Vail HealthCare is the first health system in Kansas to join the network.

“Stormont-Vail HealthCare is committed to being a national leader in health care through collaboration and innovation,” said Randy Peterson, president and CEO, Stormont-Vail HealthCare. “Working with Mayo Clinic through the Mayo Clinic Care Network offers our physicians yet another resource to help them provide the kind of innovative care that our patients have come to expect from us.”

Stormont-Vail HealthCare specialists now have access to Mayo Clinic resources to enhance patient care, including the latest Mayo-vetted medical information through its AskMayoExpert database and eConsults that connect physicians with Mayo Clinic experts on questions of diagnosis, therapy or care management. These tools will allow staff at Stormont-Vail to continue to improve the quality of health in the community.

Picture of Stormont HealthCare“We have known and respected our colleagues at Stormont-Vail for many years, and we are excited to strengthen and grow our collaboration through the Mayo Clinic Care Network,” says David Hayes, M.D., medical director, Mayo Clinic Care Network. “The network is about delivering the right care, at the right place, at the right time. And we believe that by working together more patients will be able to stay closer to home for care.”

Stormont-Vail is an integrated health care system based in Topeka, Kan. The organization employs more than 230 physicians and is comprised of the Stormont-Vail Regional Health Center, a 586-bed acute care center, the Cotton-O’Neil and PediatricCare clinics and a variety of ancillary services. It has the region’s only Level III neonatal intensive care and trauma center.  Stormont-Vail recently received redesignation as a Magnet facility by the American Nurses Credentialing Center in 2014 after first receiving this recognition for excellence in nursing services in 2009. [...]

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Bryan Anderson (@bryananderson) posted · Mon, Mar 17 2:57pm · View  

Mayo Clinic Becomes Presenting Sponsor of 2014 Minnesota Lynx Season

MINNEAPOLIS — March 17, 2014 — Today, the 2013 Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) Champion Minnesota Lynx announced a multi-year partnership with Mayo Clinic that includes marquee placement on the team’s home and away jerseys. The new agreement also designates Mayo Clinic as the exclusive presenting sponsor for the 2014 Lynx season, which kicks off on May 16.

This agreement between the Lynx and Mayo Clinic is part of a previously announced strategic collaboration that includes the development of a new state-of-the-art training facility and sports medicine center in Mayo Clinic Square, formerly known as Block E in downtown Minneapolis.

Picture of a Lynx“This new collaboration with Mayo Clinic will help elevate our organization to even greater heights in terms of both recognition and brand association,” says Lynx Executive Vice President Roger Griffith. “The jersey marquee is one element in a wide-ranging partnership with Mayo Clinic. In addition to winning two championships in the last three seasons, we continue to look to the future for ways to improve our business both on and off the court. Our relationship with Mayo Clinic accomplishes that.”“

We are thrilled to be the presenting sponsor for the WNBA champion Minnesota Lynx,” says John T. Wald, M.D., medical director for marketing and public affairs, Mayo Clinic. “We are also pleased that work has already begun at Mayo Clinic Square, and we look forward to providing sports medicine care in downtown Minneapolis not only for the elite athletes of the Minnesota Lynx and Timberwolves, but also for all athletes looking for injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance solutions.” [...]

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Bryan Anderson (@bryananderson) posted · Tue, Feb 4 2:05pm · View  

Mayo Clinic, Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx Announce Collaboration

Mayo Clinic Square - Minneapolis Sports Center

Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center to open sports medicine facility in downtown Minneapolis

ROCHESTER, Minn. ― Feb. 4, 2014 ― Mayo Clinic and the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx today announced a partnership which extends the Mayo Model of Care for patients in sports medicine to the Twin Cities. The collaboration includes: 1) the opening of a Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center at 600 Hennepin, 2) designating Mayo as the preferred medical provider for the teams, and 3) utilizing the teams’ international reach to educate the public about numerous health and wellness topics.

Mayo Clinic Shield with Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx Logos

Mayo Clinic will be a part of the redevelopment of 600 Hennepin, formerly known as “Block E,” in downtown Minneapolis, where Mayo will open a Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center facility and the Timberwolves and Lynx will open a new practice facility. Mayo and the teams will occupy the third level. 600 Hennepin will be renamed “Mayo Clinic Square.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to work with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx, and meet the wellness, performance and rehabilitation needs of Twin Cities residents,” says Michael Stuart, M.D., co-director, Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center, and team physician for USA Hockey.

Journalists: Sound bites with Mr. Flip Saunders, President of Basketball Operations, and Drs. Stuart, Laskowski and Wald are available in the downloads. B-roll of Tuesday's news conference is also available.


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