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Dana Sparks (@danasparks) posted · Fri, Dec 19 12:57pm · View  

Lois and her doctor daughter-in-law

Lois McIntosh with daughter in law Dr. Amy McIntosh on StoryCorps

Listening to patients is what medical teams at Mayo Clinic do each day. To honor Mayo's 150th Anniversary, StoryCorps was asked to listen to and record several patient stories. Each Friday, until the end of 2014, a new story will be posted on the Mayo Clinic News Network.

Lois McIntosh tells her daughter-in-law Dr. Amy McIntosh about her health issues and the special care she (and her dog) received at Mayo Clinic. Hear Lois' story.

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Dana Sparks (@danasparks) posted · Fri, Dec 19 8:00am · View  


Medical News 2014
We're taking a look back at some of the important medical news of 2014!

This Saturday, December 20, at 9 a.m. CT, we'll discuss a less invasive way to test for colon cancer, talk about research that led to using the measles vaccine to fight cancer and the discovery of using stem cells to unravel the mysteries of ALS. We'll also talk about robots that help diagnose patients suffering from stroke of concussion. There are a lot of wonderful medical discoveries to share from 2014 that are leading the way into the future of health care.

Follow #MayoClinicRadio and tweet your questions.

To listen to the program on Saturday, click here.

Mayo Clinic Radio is available on iHeart Radio.

Listen to this week’s Medical News Headlines:  News Segment December 20. 2014 (right click MP3) [...]

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Dana Sparks (@danasparks) posted · Thu, Dec 18 2:01pm · View  

New Mayo Clinic Technology Lowers Risks for Premature Babies

'Mayo 150 years serving humanity' 150th Sesquicentennial Logo
Baby Jase's entry into the world was sudden ... and two months too early. A new tablet-based technology allowed local doctors and Mayo Clinic specialists to collaborate on life-saving medical care. [TRT 3:50]

Journalists: A broadcast quality video package is available in the downloads.  

This is a special report produced for the Mayo Clinic 150th Anniversary Collection of Stories. To view other stories and learn about Mayo Clinic's sesquicentennial, please click here.





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Dana Sparks (@danasparks) posted · Thu, Dec 18 1:37pm · View  

Inspiration for the Holidays

Blue and white banner logo for 'Living with Cancer' blog

Inspiration for the holidaysmother and children decorating holiday gingerbread house
Cancer survivors need to try and reduce stress, especially during the holiday season. Focus on what's really important — your health and the special gifts you share with others.

Find out about this serious bone marrow disorder that disrupts your body's normal production of blood cells.

Bladder cancer symptoms
Bladder cancer signs and symptoms may include: Blood in urine (hematuria) — urine may appear dark yellow, bright red or cola colored.

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Dana Sparks (@danasparks) posted · Wed, Dec 17 4:08pm · View  

7 Steps for Managing Grief and Loss

LE SUEUR, Minn. — Grief is summarized as sadness felt after suffering loss. Although that’s a fine cursory definition, it doesn’t really give grief true meaning. Grief is a deep and sometimes complex response to loss. Behavioral health provider and social worker at Mayo Clinic Health System Jessie Wolf says, “Even though it’s often associated with death, grief can be the result of any sort of loss or major life change. Losing your job, getting divorced, even moving — these all can elicit feelings of grief.”sad, crying grieving woman with man comforting her

Initial grief frequently comes as acute emotional pain. While it may seem insurmountable when it first grasps hold of your life, there are ways to cope with grief. Supplying yourself with knowledge and grieving tactics is the best way to combat your loss. Wolf provides some tips to help you during the grieving process.

Give yourself permission to feel.

Grieving is a normal part of dealing with loss. But you can’t grieve if you don’t allow yourself the opportunity. Be sure to recognize the need to grieve and let it run its natural course. Your emotional health will be better served if you face your grief. [...]

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Dana Sparks (@danasparks) posted · Wed, Dec 17 12:19pm · View  

Mayo Clinic News Network — Headlines 12/17/14

Mayo Clinic News Network Headlines include:

  • Healthy holiday eating
  • Breast cancer and tamoxifen therapy
  • Sleep tips

Journalists: The video is in the downloads. Click here for script.

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Dana Sparks (@danasparks) posted · Wed, Dec 17 11:49am · View  

Mumps Outbreak in the NHL?

Mumps is often thought to be a childhood disease but in a recent article reporter Tara Haelle says, "The number of NHL hockey players diagnosed with the mumps may rise to 14 soon, depending on the test results that come back for Pittsburgh Penguins forward Beau Bennett." Mayo Clinic vaccine expert Gregory Poland, M.D., explains in the same article one factor could be some players never received a second vaccine dose. Read more in Forbes.


Some people infected with the mumps virus have either no signs or symptoms or very mild ones. When signs and symptoms do develop, they usually appear about two to three weeks after exposure to the virus and may include:Young Toddler with Mumps

  • Swollen, painful salivary glands on one or both sides of face
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain while chewing or swallowing

The primary — and best known — sign of mumps is swollen salivary glands that cause the cheeks to puff out. In fact, the term "mumps" is an old expression for lumps or bumps within the cheeks.

More about causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention on


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