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Moderate Alcohol Intake Has Positive Effects on Heart Health, but Too Much Causes Other Serious Health Concerns

Moderate Alcohol Intake Has Positive Effects on Heart Health, but Too Much Causes Other Serious Health Concerns February 3, 2012 Dear Mayo Clinic: I have read that drinking alcohol can have positive effects on the heart, but that drinking too much alcohol can damage the heart. Is this true, and [...]

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Safe and Sober Holidays

The holidays can be stressful, and for those in recovery it’s a time to be vigilant against relapse. Fountain Centers, a Mayo Clinic Health System program for substance abuse and addiction, offers the following tips to help ensure a clean and sober holiday season. Common relapse dangers to be aware [...]

Created by Dana Sparks

High Cost of Underage Drinking

A recent University of Michigan study reveals 'extreme' binge drinking might be more common among teens than some experts thought. Meanwhile, a Mayo Clinic study published last year in Journal of Adolescent Health shows hospitalization for underage drinking comes with a price tag. The estimated total cost is about $755 million per year. The Mayo study also revealed geographic [...]

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Monday's Housecall

THIS WEEK'S TOP STORY Sodium: How to tame your salt habit Getting too much sodium can raise your blood pressure and cause other health problems. See how to cut back on salt. EXPERT ANSWERS Osteopathic medicine: What kind of doctor is a D.O.? You know what M.D. means, but do [...]

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Five Tips to Keep Your Summer Safe and Injury Free + SAVING LIVES WITH GUS: Fireworks Safety

Recent upgrades at YouTube have resulted in issues with some older versions of Internet Explorer. If you are only seeing a black box in the player, click here or open in a different browser. SAVING LIVES WITH GUS: Fireworks Safety

This video series is designed to educate, entertain and deliver life-saving [...]

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Addiction Takes Center Stage (pkg)

Millions of Americans, up to 10% of the population, have had a problem with alcohol addiction. While each person’s struggle may be played out in private, Mayo Clinic recently raised the curtain on addiction at a public theater. The hope is to help more people understand this all too common [...]

Created by Dana Sparks