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TUESDAY Q & A: Both too much and too little iron have potential to lead to health concerns

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I'm a 40-year old woman, and I’ve noticed that many multivitamins for women contain iron. Should all women take extra iron? Is it safe to do so? What are the side effects of taking a daily iron supplement? ANSWER: Not having enough iron in your body — a condition [...]

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Low Iron Stores Can Lead to Anemia Not Addresses

Low Iron Stores Can Lead to Anemia Not Addresses October 7, 2011 Dear Mayo Clinic: A recent blood test showed that I have low iron stores. Does this mean I'm anemic? Should I be taking an iron supplement? I'm a 41-year-old woman, and I don't have any other health concerns. [...]

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Anemia Might Be Associated With Development of Parkinson's Disease

Results of a new Mayo Clinic study support an association between anemia experienced early in life and the development of Parkinson's disease many years later. The findings were presented at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting in Seattle on April 30. We were surprised to discover that chronic anemia or [...]

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Mayo Clinic patient app can make your life easier Anemia  Fibrocystic breasts Skin biopsy Childhood vaccines: Tough questions, straight answers

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