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New Approach to Breast Reconstruction Surgery Reduces Opioid Painkiller Use, Hospital Stays

New York — March 3, 2014 — A new approach to breast reconstruction surgery aimed at helping patients’ bodies get back to normal more quickly cut their postoperative opioid painkiller use in half and meant a day less in the hospital on average, a Mayo Clinic study found. The method [...]

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Pulling Problem Teeth Before Heart Surgery to Prevent Infection May Be Catch-22

Patients with dental extractions before cardiac surgery still at risk for poor outcomes, study finds   Rochester, Minn. — Feb. 27, 2014 — To pull or not to pull? That is a common question when patients have the potentially dangerous combination of abscessed or infected teeth and the need for heart surgery.  [...]

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Substance Use Disorder Increasing Among Medical Residents

Nearly 1 in every 100 anesthesiology residents entering primary training from 1975 to 2009 developed substance use disorder (SUD) during training. The incidence of this disorder is increasing and the risk of relapse or death is high. That’s according to a study conducted by  Mayo Clinic and the American Board of Anesthesiology that [...]

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CPR Awareness Month: Mayo Expert Discusses New Developments for Public, Pros

ROCHESTER, Minn. — June 7, 2012.  Just the idea of performing CPR can intimidate the average person, whether it's the thought of what's at stake or simply trying to remember all of the steps. A move to simplify cardiopulmonary resuscitation practices for the public is one of many advances important [...]

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Young Children Exposed to Anesthesia Multiple Times Show Elevated Rates of ADHD

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Mayo Clinic researchers have found that multiple exposures to anesthesia at a young age are associated with higher rates of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). VIDEO ALERT: Additional audio and video resources, including excerpts from an interview with Dr. Warner describing the research, are available on the Mayo Clinic [...]

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ADHD and Anesthesiology

In this Medical Edge Radio episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. David Warner touches on a recent study that found an association between ADHD and anesthesiology. To listen, click on the link below. ADHD and Anesthesiology

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Anesthesia and Birth Study

Mayo Clinic researchers have found that children exposed to anesthesia during Cesarean delivery are not at any higher risk for later learning disabilities than children not delivered by Cesarean. These findings are recently reported in the journal Anesthesiology. We found that the incidence of learning disabilities was equal between children [...]

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Dr. Denise Wedel on Anesthesiology

This Medical Edge Weekend program features Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Denise Wedel on anesthesiology.Medical Edge Weekend 11-06-10

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Mayo Clinic Offering New "MRI-Safe" Pain-Blocking Device

Mayo Clinic is now offering chronic pain sufferers a new, implantable pain-blocking device approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — that is safe for full-body MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, scanners. The device is an advancement on neurostimulation technology that's been is use for decades, but has been denied many patients who would likely need ongoing [...]

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Anesthesia No Threat For Long-Term Dementia

Mayo Clinic researchers have found that elderly patients who receive anesthesia are no more likely to develop long-term dementia or Alzheimer’s disease than other seniors. Pediatric anesthesiologist at the Mayo Clinic Children’s Center, David Warner, M.D., says, “It’s reassuring we’re adding to the body of knowledge that there is not an association of [...]

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