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  Asthma treatment: Do complementary and alternative approaches work? Trigger finger Painful urination (dysuria) Spina bifida Paleo diet: What is it and why is it so popular?

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Tuesday Q & A: Child's chronic cough may be symptom of asthma

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My son, 8, has been coughing off-and-on at night for a few weeks and says his chest hurts, but he never complains about it during the day. Could he have asthma? How is it diagnosed? If it’s very mild, would he still need treatment? ANSWER: Based on [...]

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Monday's Housecall

THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES Dust mite allergy Does dusting make you sneeze or have a runny nose? Learn the symptoms and treatments of a dust mite allergy and find ways to cope. Aerobic exercise: Top 10 reasons to get physical Need inspiration to work out? Consider the top 10 benefits [...]

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Asthma and COPD May Require Multiple Treatments

Asthma and COPD May Require Multiple Treatments March 19, 2010 Dear Mayo Clinic: I am an active 84-year-old man and was diagnosed with asthma and COPD a few years ago. My pulmonologist prescribed two medications — Advair and Spiriva — that seem to do the same thing. Why would I [...]

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Relationship Between RSV and Asthma in Children Unclear

Relationship Between RSV and Asthma in Children Unclear April 23, 2010 Dear Mayo Clinic: My 3-month old has just gotten over RSV, and our pediatrician says we now need to watch for asthma as she gets older. How are these two conditions related? Answer: Although the two seem connected, the [...]

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