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Mayo Clinic News Network — Headlines 8/20/14   Mayo Clinic News Network Headlines include: Back-to-school nutrition Vaccinations Healthy eyes Journalists: Video is available in the downloads. Click here for script.

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Developing Good Dental Hygiene

Developing good dental hygiene is especially important for children. Thomas Salinas, D.D.S., says, "Regular dental exams are an important part of preventive health care. Students who brush their teeth, gums and tongue twice per day can reduce their risk of infection." He recommends students practice healthy dental habits daily and visit the dentist for [...]

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Children in Hot Cars

For many this is the back-to-school season, but it takes only one hot, scorching day to remind us summer is far from over. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reminds parents and caregivers that child vehicular heatstroke can occur even on days with relatively mild 70 degrees F temperatures. Go to KidsAndCars to learn more [...]

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL: A Good Night's Sleep

Is a good night's sleep on your list of back-to-school essentials? Pediatric sleep expert with the Mayo Clinic Children's Center Suresh Kotagal, M.D., says getting enough sleep is critical to students' well-being and ability to learn. Dr. Kotagal says an estimated 30 to 50 percent of children have trouble sleeping well, but a few healthy habits could help many of them sleep more soundly. [...]

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Lunch Line and After-School Snack Choices

Mayo Clinic Health System registered dietitian Diane Dressel offers parents snack options that meet caloric standards, while also taking into account portability, perishability, food allergies and dietary restrictions. Dressel says, “What better time to get kids into healthy eating patterns than at a young age?” and encourages any snack idea to include fruits or vegetables.  Here are [...]

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Check Medical Records

With a new school year under way, parents and caregivers are no doubt going through the preparations list: school supplies, car pools, bus schedules - check. Mayo Clinic Children's Center says now's also the time to touch base with the school office to make sure administrators are aware of any special medical conditions, needs or allergies your child [...]

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Lighten the Backpack Load and Other Tips

Depending where you live, the school year is about start anew or has already begun. Mayo Clinic experts would like to help lighten the load. Family medicine physician and pediatrician Alva Roche Green, M.D., says a great place to start is easing the burden in those heavy backpacks kids often lug around. · Check backpack weight – ideal [...]

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