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Rare Disease of Blood Vessels Often Undiagnosed in Early Stages

Rare Disease of Blood Vessels Often Undiagnosed in Early Stages January 29, 2010 Dear Mayo Clinic: My wife recently passed away from Wegener's, which was not diagnosed until her kidneys had begun to fail. My family and I were caught by surprise because it took her so quick. Is it [...]

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Vasculitis: Also Known as Angiitis and Arteritis

There are many types of vasculitis. Some forms last only a short time (acute), while others are long lasting (chronic). Vasculitis, which is also known as angiitis and arteritis, can be so severe that the tissues and organs supplied by the affected vessels don't get enough blood. This shortage of [...]

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Mayo Clinic-led Study Unravels Biological Pathway That Controls the Leakiness of Blood Vessels

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A research team led by scientists at Mayo Clinic in Florida have decoded the entire pathway that regulates leakiness of blood vessels — a condition that promotes a wide number of disorders, such as heart disease, cancer growth and spread, inflammation and respiratory distress. They say their [...]

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Belly Fat and Endothelial Dysfunction

Are you carrying a few extra pounds around your middle?  A recent Mayo Clinic study found that visceral fat or belly fat can play a part in your risk for heart attack and stroke.  Study author, Virend Somers, M.D., has some good news and bad news about the old "spare tire." To [...]

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