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Thyroid Disease Can Diminish Quality of Life

Much like motor vehicles have engines, our bodies have similar parts to help us function. The heart and brain are the big anatomy regulators, but did you know the thyroid is also a crucial driver of bodily operation? When your thyroid experiences problems, your whole body starts to feel out [...]

Created by Micah Dorfner

Científicos de Mayo Clinic descubren que las biopsias no promueven la diseminación del cáncer

JACKSONVILLE, Florida: Un estudio realizado por los científicos de la sede de Mayo Clinic en Jacksonville, Florida, en más de 2000 pacientes disipó el mito que las biopsias causan la diseminación del cáncer. En la edición por internet de Gut (Intestinos) del 9 de enero, los científicos demuestran que los [...]

Created by Soledad Andrade

Mayo Researchers Find Cancer Biopsies Do Not Promote Cancer Spread

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A study of more than 2,000 patients by researchers at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Jacksonville, Florida, has dispelled the myth that cancer biopsies cause cancer to spread. In the Jan. 9 online issue of Gut, they show that patients who received a biopsy had a better outcome [...]

Created by Kevin Punsky

Measles Virus vs Cancer: Mayo Clinic Radio

This week we rebroadcast a conversation with two of our favorite guests this year - Stacy Erholtz and  Stephen Russell, M.D.. Stacy's been involved in groundbreaking research at Mayo Clinic led by Dr. Russell, which uses the measles virus to fight cancer. Stacy shares her story about receiving 10 million [...]

Created by Joel Streed

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