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Deborah Balzer

Calcium Intake for Adults over Age 55

Posted: Fri, Oct 2 12:23pm by balzerdeb · Discussion

Deborah Balzer

Aspirin 411: What the New Guidelines Mean

Posted: Fri, Sep 25 2:32pm by balzerdeb · Discussion


Aspirin: How much to take ( :14)

Posted: Fri, Sep 25 10:25am by jcrpete · Media

Deborah Balzer

Mayo Clinic Minute 7/27/2015

Posted: Mon, Jul 27 2:04pm by balzerdeb · Discussion

Dennis Douda

Mayo Expert Says New Cholesterol Drugs are Very Effective

Posted: Wed, Jun 10 12:55pm by ddouda · Discussion

Dennis Douda

Heart Surgery Puts ISU Coach Back in the Game

Posted: Wed, Apr 22 11:41am by ddouda · Discussion

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