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Fruit juice: Good or bad for kids? Menopause symptoms: Lifestyle tips offer relief Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy New therapies sought for triple negative breast cancer Testosterone level: Can you boost it naturally?

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Preparing Children for Doctor Visits

Preparing Children for Doctor Visits

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Swallowed Objects and Infant Choking: Mayo Expert Offers Tips for Parents and Caregivers

ROCHESTER, Minn. — July 31st, 2013 — Babies and young children learn a great deal about the world through their mouths. Unfortunately, this can lead to choking or swallowing dangerous objects. Choking is a leading cause of injury and death among children, especially children 3 years of age or younger. Food, toys [...]

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Kids and Sports Injuries

In this Medical Edge Radio episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Amy McIntosh talks about the increase in injuries that kids are suffering on the field of play. To listen, click the link below. Kids & Sports Injuries

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Sleep Disordered Breathing In Children

When it comes to snoring and other breathing problems during sleep, adults don't have a corner on the market.  In this Medical Edge Radio episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Laura Orvidas tells us how kids can also experience problems. To listen, click the link below. Sleep Disordered Breathing in Kids

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Moyamoya Disease

Dr. Fredric Meyer, a Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon discusses Moyamoya disease and what to look for when seeking care for moyamoya disease. Moyamoya disease is a rare vascular disorder characterized by the progressive narrowing of the blood vessels in the circle of Willis (the ring of arteries at the base of [...]

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Ewing's Sarcoma

Dr. Carola Arndt explains Ewing's sarcoma, also known as a "sports tumor," in children and adolescents. Dr. Arndt also explains the evaluation and diagnosis as well as the treatment plan for patients with Ewing's sarcoma. Additionally, Dr. Arndt explains the importance of getting treatment at a facility with multidisciplinary physicians [...]

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Hernia Surgery for Children

Dr. Abdalla Zarroug explains minimal invasive surgical procedure and recovery for hernias, one of the most common diseases pediatric surgeons deal with. Dr. Zarroug also explains the role of the pediatric surgeon and the benefits of pediatric patients who come to Mayo Clinic.

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Dr. Carola Arndt discusses osteosarcoma which is one of the most common malignant tumors of bone in teenagers and young adults. It has an incidence of 5.6 per million in children under 15 in the U.S. Dr. Arndt also discusses diagnoses, evaluation, and treatment of osteosarcoma. Treatment for osteosarcoma at [...]

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Dr. Carola Arndt, a Mayo Clinic oncologist, discusses symptoms, evaluation & diagnoses, and finally treatment of Rhabdomyosarcoma in pediatric patients. Dr. Arndt also discusses Mayo Clinic's involvement in the Children's Oncology Group which studies cancer in children. Through the Children's Oncology Group, Mayo Clinic has access to a number of [...]

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Pediatric Brain Tumor Research

Dr. Cynthia Wetmore, a Mayo Clinic pediatric oncologist discusses her research at regarding pediatric brain tumors. Each year in the United States, about 2,000 children under 16 are diagnosed with a brain tumor. Brain tumors are the most common type of solid tumor and second most common type of cancer (after [...]

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Atrial Septal Defect

Harold Burkhart, M.D., a cardiovascular surgeon at Mayo Clinic, describes the congenital heart condition atrial septal defect (ASD) and discusses treatment options for children and adults.

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Anesthesia and Birth Study

Mayo Clinic researchers have found that children exposed to anesthesia during Cesarean delivery are not at any higher risk for later learning disabilities than children not delivered by Cesarean. These findings are recently reported in the journal Anesthesiology. We found that the incidence of learning disabilities was equal between children [...]

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Epilepsy- Diagnosis, Surgery Volumes and Outcomes, and SISCOM

Dr. Gregory Cascino, a Mayo Clinic neurologist and epileptologist, describes Mayo Clinics approach to diagnosing and evaluating adult and pediatric epilepsy patients.

Dr. Gregory Cascino describes Mayo Clinics surgical volumes and outcomes.

Dr. Gregory Cascino describes SISCOM, an advanced imaging technology developed at Mayo Clinic. SISCOM precisely pinpoints [...]

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Kids and Depression

In this Medical Edge episode, we find out from Mayo Clinic Dr. Stephen Whiteside that adults aren't the only ones who can battle depression. To listen, click the link below. Kids and Depression

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Life Balance for Children

Balancing work and home life can be difficult.  But it's not just a problem for adults.  In this Medical Edge Radio segment we hear from Mayo Clinic Dr. Phil Fischer about how life balance is important for kids too. To listen, click the link below. Life Balance for Kids

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Teen Sleep Disorders and Tips

Dr. Suresh Kotagal, a Mayo Clinic pediatric neurologist and sleep disorders specialist, describes symptoms to watch for in teens with sleep difficulties and Mayo Clinic's approach to evaluating teenage sleep disorders.

Dr. Suresh Kotagal provides tips for teens experiencing sleep difficulties.

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Kids and Migraines

In this Medical Edge Segment, we find out from Mayo Clinic Neurologist, Dr. Kenneth Mack, that kids and migraines go together more than you might think. To listen, click the link below. Kids and Migraines

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Mayo Clinic Led Study on Long QT Syndrome Sheds Light on Genetic Testing

Results of a Long QT Syndrome study in the current issue of Circulation play an important role in understanding genetic testing's role in diagnosing disease, according to the senior author, Michael Ackerman, M.D., Ph.D., the Mayo Clinic pediatric cardiologist who directs Mayo's Long QT Syndrome Clinic and is the director [...]

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Pediatric Anesthesia Questions and Myths

Dr. Randall Flick, a pediatric anesthesiologist at Mayo Clinic, "debunks myths" and answers common questions raised by parents in regard to anesthesia.

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