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Mayo Clinic and Harvard: National Standards Needed for Genomic Medical Data

ROCHESTER, Minn. — The break neck pace of genomic discoveries has ushered in a new problem in the delivery of personalized medicine: comprehensive and consistent data reporting that will improve health information technologies for better patient care. Christopher G. Chute, M.D., of Mayo Clinic and Isaac Kohane, M.D., of Harvard [...]

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Chute - Moving forward with systemic approach

Dr. Chute explains how this process might move forward to a more systematic, shared conventions around genomic research.

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Chute - System like infectious disease

Dr. Chute explains the genomic system could be similar to the that of the infectious disease world.

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Chute - Proposal for genomic conventions

Dr. Chute explains a proposal for genomic conventions to organize the huge amount of data coming from genomic research.

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