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Mayo Clinic hosts concussion film premiere by Oscar-nominated director

MEDIA ADVISORY PHOENIX – Mayo Clinic will host a special sneak preview of the highly anticipated documentary, Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis. WHEN - Saturday, March 8 at 6:30 p.m. WHERE - the Phoenix campus of Mayo Clinic, 5777 East Mayo Boulevard. BACKGROUND – From the acclaimed director Steve James [...]

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Concussion Jolts the Brain into Crisis

ROCHESTER, Minn. — August 24, 2012.  Concerns are growing about the prevalence of concussions in children and teens who play sports, as well as in professional athletes. The August issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter covers what happens when concussions occur and why they can be dangerous. Concussion is a [...]

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TUESDAY Q & A: Rest is important after a concussion

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: What happens to the brain when someone suffers a concussion? Do concussions increase the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? ANSWER: A concussion is a brain injury that changes the way your brain functions. The effects of most concussions are not long-lasting. But to avoid permanent damage, it is important to [...]

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'Heads Up, Don't Duck' to Reduce Hockey Injuries (pkg)

More than a half million kids play hockey in the United States and there’s a renewed push to keep them from getting hurt. The national governing body for the sport, USA Hockey, has released a video demonstrating better ways for heads-up play on the ice. Dennis Douda has this report. [TRT 2:02] [...]

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Testing Sideline Tele-Concussion Robot at Football Games

  There will be a new face at Northern Arizona University (NAU) football games this fall – only the face of this new "team member" is a robot on wheels. Mayo Clinic researchers are working with NAU to test the feasibility of using a telemedicine robot to assess athletes with suspected concussions during football games. With [...]

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Making the Game Safer With Proper Fitting Helmets (pkg)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports up to 170,000 young athletes go to the emergency department every year for possible traumatic brain injuries that include concussion. Many of those concussions happen on football fields. So, Mayo Clinic experts are teaming up with high school coaches to help make [...]

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TUESDAY Q & A: Ongoing care may help grandson return to more active lifestyle following concussion

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My grandson played rugby in college. He suffered a concussion and now has trouble with many mental functions, including maintaining thoughts. His peripheral vision has been affected and noise prevents him from working. What could help him return to normal? He is 23 years old and should be [...]

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A Test to Gauge the Severity of Concussions

Neurologists at Mayo Clinic in Arizona have taken what promises to be the first step in creating a diagnostic test to gauge the severity of concussions, beyond patient input. This research study shows physical results that a concussion has occurred using autonomic reflex testing. Click here for news release Sound [...]

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TUESDAY Q & A: Effects of most concussions not long-lasting, but rest following injury is important

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: What happens to the brain when someone suffers a concussion? Do concussions increase the risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?  ANSWER: A concussion is a brain injury that changes the way your brain functions. The effects of most concussions are not long-lasting. But to avoid permanent damage, [...]

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"ALL WOMEN HAVE A 1-IN-8 CHANCE OF GETTING BREAST CANCER."  Find out the answer on Mayo Clinic Weekend! This Saturday's show will cover a number of important 2012 medical stories: Advances in the treatment of breast cancer  The Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act Sports concussions  Expensive drugs are now generic Listen [...]

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National Football League Offers Families a Life Line

The National Football League is teaming with leading experts in crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and mental health messaging and comunications to launch free, confidential and independently-operated crisis counseling services. It's called the NFL Life Line, and it's designed to support current and former NFL players, coaches, team and league staff, and their family [...]

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