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Diabetes: Testing for Early Indicators

Many people first learn they have diabetes through blood tests done for another condition or as part of a routine physical exam. But in some cases, diabetes may not be detected before damage to your eyes, kidneys or other organs has occurred. That’s why the American Diabetes Association recommends adults have [...]

Created by Micah Dorfner

Gluten and Diabetes: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute

In this Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute, Dr. Joseph Murray and Dr. Govindarajan Rajagopalan comment on a recent study which looked at gluten in the realm of diabetes. To listen, click the link below. Gluten and Diabetes

Created by Joel Streed

La hipoglucemia puede conducir a graves problemas médicos cuando no se trata

ESTIMADA MAYO CLINIC: ¿Cuál puede ser la causa para que una persona sin diabetes presente hipoglucemia? ¿Valdría la pena seguirle la pista midiendo los niveles sanguíneos durante todo el día? RESPUESTA: La diabetes y los medicamentos que las personas toman para controlarla son, en gran medida, las causas más comunes [...]

Created by Soledad Andrade

Weekend Wellness: Hypoglycemia can lead to severe medical problems left untreated

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: What could cause a person without diabetes to become hypoglycemic? Would keeping track of my blood levels throughout the day be beneficial? ANSWER: Diabetes and the medications people take for it are by far the most common causes of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. There are other [...]

Created by lizatorborg

Se pueden tomar medidas para combatir la prediabetes y prevenir que avance a diabetes

ESTIMADA MAYO CLINIC: ¿Se puede curar la prediabetes o, una vez diagnosticada, significa que uno la padecerá para siempre o acabará por convertirse en diabético? RESPUESTA: Tener prediabetes no significa que automáticamente uno desarrollará diabetes, pero es una señal de advertencia.  Cuando no se hace ningún cambio, el riesgo que [...]

Created by Emily Hiatt

Weekend Wellness: Take steps to combat prediabetes and prevent its progression

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is it possible to cure prediabetes, or does being diagnosed with it mean you will either always have it or eventually become diabetic? ANSWER: Having prediabetes does not automatically mean you will go on to develop diabetes. But it is a warning sign. If you do not [...]

Created by lizatorborg

Avoiding Progression to Type 2 Diabetes

ST. PETER, Minn. — Most people are aware how serious diabetes is and whether type 1 or type 2, it's especially harmful when not properly managed. There's also a form of the disease called prediabetes which, according to the National Diabetes Education Program, affects approximately 79 million adults in the United States. Mayo [...]

Created by Dana Sparks

Mayo Clinic Health Letter: Puntos destacados de la edición de noviembre de 2014 Mayo Clinic Health Letter:

ROCHESTER, Minnesota: Estos son los puntos más destacados de la edición de noviembre de Mayo Clinic Health Letter. Puede citar esta publicación con la frecuencia que desee, pero para reimprimirla debe pagar una cuota.  Es necesario hacer referencia a Mayo Clinic Health Letter; por lo que según sus políticas editoriales, [...]

Created by Emily Hiatt

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