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Advanced Home Stool Test Finds Colorectal Cancer's DNA

Mayo Clinic research results presented in NEJM could change colorectal screening practice A clinical trial of Cologuard shows unprecedented results for finding colorectal cancer with a noninvasive test. “Cologuard detection rates of early stage cancer and high-risk precancerous polyps validated in this large study were outstanding and have not been [...]

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DNA Stool Test for Colorectal Cancer

Research shows that screening for colorectal cancer saves lives. That's because screening can catch cancer early, while it's still curable. But let's face it, having a colonoscopy to look for cancer or precancerous polyps is not fun. Doctors at Mayo Clinic have studied and improved upon a non-invasive screening test [...]

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Finding Colon Cancer Before it's Cancer

More accurate and more sensitive.  When it comes to cancer screenings, those are two attributes you really want.  Well, results of two studies suggest that a new, investigational colorectal cancer (CRC) screening test developed in collaboration between Mayo Clinic and Exact Sciences Inc. of Madison, Wis., is highly accurate and [...]

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