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La osteoartritis y usted: expertos de Mayo Clinic ofrecen sugerencias para prevenir la afección o lidiar con ella

ROCHESTER, Minnesota - 8 de octubre de 2013.  "Casi toda persona está destinada a padecerosteoartritis si vive lo suficiente", es un conocido dicho entre los expertos en artritis que está respaldado por cifras. Esta afección de las articulaciones, dolorosa y generalmente debilitante, es la clase más común de artritis que afecta [...]

Created by Soledad Andrade

TUESDAY Q & A: “Frozen shoulder” develops slowly and can take months to heal

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I’ve had pain in my right shoulder for a few weeks that has been getting worse rather than better, even though I’m letting it rest. I have read the term “frozen shoulder” – could that be what I have? What causes it? Should I see my doctor, or [...]

Created by Dana Sparks

New CDC Analysis Finds Nearly 1 in 4 US Adults Has Arthritis It's an epidemic spreading steadily and painfully, joint by joint. Arthritis now afflicts nearly 1 in 4 American adults, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported Thursday. [CDC news release] It found that 22.7 percent of U.S. adults -  52.5 million people - have arthritis, and that 22.7 [...]

Created by Sharon Theimer

Osteoarthritis and You: Mayo Clinic Experts Offer Tips for Prevention, Coping Most everyone is bound to get osteoarthritis — if they live long enough. That old saying among arthritis experts is backed up by the numbers. The painful and often debilitating joint condition is the most common form of arthritis. It affects at least 27 million Americans, and one form [...]

Created by Dana Sparks

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