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Holiday Travel Tips: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute

In this Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute, Dr. Clayton Cowl has some things to think about if you're traveling this holiday season. To listen, click the link below. Holiday Travel Tips

Created by Joel Streed

Spring Cleaning and Home Health Hazards (pkg)

Emergency Departments see injuries that change with the seasons. Summer can bring fireworks injuries, in winter people fall on the ice or get frostbite and in spring people show up with things like inhalation injuries and chemical burns ... thanks to spring cleaning. Mayo Clinic preventive medicine specialist Clayton Cowl, M.D., has four main [...]

Created by Dana Sparks

¿Por qué son importantes los ascensionistas al Everest para los pacientes que viven a nivel del mar? Los expertos de Mayo Clinic lo explican

ROCHESTER, Minnesota — 7 de mayo de 2012.  La expedición de Mayo Clinic al Monte Everest explora los problemas cardíacos, la apnea del sueño, el desgaste muscular, el consumo de calorías y otros asuntos de la salud que enfrentan tanto los pacientes como los ascensionistas a gran altitud. Lo que [...]

Created by Emily Hiatt

Avoid Holiday Travel Concerns Like Sleepiness and Stiffness

Traveling long distances during the holidays — whether by car, plane or train — is a common custom for many Americans, but taking health precautions for the journey isn’t often at the top of to-do lists. However, there are some simple steps you can take to stay healthy while traveling. Clayton [...]

Created by Dana Sparks

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