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La detección del cáncer pulmonar permite encontrarlo en etapa temprana

ESTIMADA MAYO CLINIC: En mi último examen físico, el médico sugirió someterme a una detección para cáncer de pulmón porque yo solía fumar aproximadamente un paquete de cigarrillos al día, pero lo dejé hace 12 años. Ahora tengo 63 años y gozo de buena salud. ¿Es realmente necesario que me [...]

Created by Emily Hiatt

Tuesday Q and A: Lung cancer screening used to find cancer at an early stage

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: At my last physical, my doctor suggested that I should be screened for lung cancer. I used to smoke about a pack of cigarettes a day, but I quit 12 years ago. I am 63 now and in good health. Is screening really necessary for me? What [...]

Created by lizatorborg

Seeing Cancer Sooner with CT Lung Scans

As the number one cancer killer, lung cancer claims more lives than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined. To help detect it sooner, when it’s far more treatable, Mayo Clinic has launched a Lung Cancer Screening Program. For some, the process is already proving to be a life saver. [TRT: [...]

Created by Dennis Douda

Lung Cancer Screening: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute

In this Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute, Dr. Stephen Cassivi comments recent recommendations for lung cancer screening. To listen, click the link below. Lung Cancer Screening  

Created by Joel Streed

Cuando los viajes en el verano incluyen una cirugía: expertos de Mayo Clinic ofrecen sugerencias para viajar a salvo

Volar es tan seguro como viajar por tierra después de una cirugía cardíaca, descubre estudio de Mayo Rochester, Minnesota — Los viajes del verano no solamente son por vacaciones, pues para algunas personas puede incluir trasladarse hasta un hospital fuera de la ciudad a fin de someterse a una cirugía. [...]

Created by Soledad Andrade

CT Lung Scans Recommended for High Risk Patients The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, of which Mayo Clinic is a partner, is announcing a preliminary recommendation that people at high risk for lung cancer consider having annual low-dose CT scans. Smoking is the biggest risk factor for developing lung cancer, resulting in 85 percent of the lung cancers in the United States, and high-risk individuals are those 55 to [...]

Created by Dennis Douda

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