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Weekend Wellness: New treatments for dry eyes may help if standard treatments fail

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: What causes dry eyes? Is there an effective treatment other than constantly using eye drops to keep them moist? ANSWER: Dry eyes happen when your eyes do not make enough tears or when those tears are poor quality. Treatment of dry eyes often includes medication, eye drops [...]

Created by lizatorborg

New Technology Used by Mayo Clinic Treats Evaporative Dry Eye Symptoms

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — May 29, 2012.  Mayo Clinic in Arizona is the first medical center in Arizona and the Southwest to provide a new technology that treats dry eye by targeting blocked eyelid glands. Blocked glands can inhibit production of oil that is necessary for healthy tears needed to lubricate [...]

Created by Lynn Closway

New Treatment For Dry Eye Symptoms

Blinking should be painless, but for many dry eye sufferers, it hurts and affects everyday activities like driving, using the computer and watching TV.  People with chronic dry eye may have an inadequate protective layer of oils in their tears which can lead them to excessive use of eye drops that can [...]

Created by Susana Shephard

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