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Monday's Housecall

THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES Eating and exercise: 5 tips to maximize your workouts Eating and exercise go hand in hand. When and what you eat can be important to how you feel when you work out. Consider these tips. How do rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis differ? Learn about the differences [...]

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  Eat less, move more, quit smoking and get more sleep! These are just some of the common sense solutions we often hear that would help us live a healthier lifestyle. So, WHY does it seem so difficult to put it all together? Join us for our next program Saturday, [...]

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Kids and Healthy Eating The statistics are alarming. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 16 percent of school-aged children are overweight. And that number is likely growing. Many of those overweight kids are at risk of health problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So how can we [...]

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Could a Lack of Sleep be Behind Those Extra Pounds?

In this Medial Edge Radio episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Andrew Calvin discusses a study that looked at a connection between sleep and eating habits. To listen, click the link below. Sleeping and Eating

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Bipolar Disorder Takes Different Path in Patients Who Binge Eat Bipolar disorder evolves differently in patients who also binge eat, according to a study by Mayo Clinic, the Lindner Center of HOPE and the University of Minnesota. Binge eating and obesity are often present among bipolar patients, but researchers discovered the mood disorder appears to take a different path in those [...]

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MONDAY HOUSECALL: Stress and Blood Pressure, Emotional Eating, Lupus and more ...

Featured Topic Stress and high blood pressure: What's the connection?   Even though stress hasn't been proven to cause high blood pressure, reducing your stress can help control your blood pressure by improving your general health. Highlights   Weight loss: Gain control of emotional eating Long-term care: Early planning pays off  First [...]

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