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Deborah Balzer

Mayo Clinic News Network Headline: 7/3/2015

Posted: Fri, Jul 3 6:35pm by balzerdeb · Discussion

Dennis Douda

Father's Day Gift Tourniquet Comes in Handy!

Posted: Fri, Jun 19 8:35am by ddouda · Discussion

Brian Kilen

The Father's Day Tourniquet

Posted: Fri, Jun 12 12:41pm by briankilen · Media

Brian Kilen

How to use a tourniquet in an emergency (3:17)

Posted: Fri, Jun 12 12:33pm by briankilen · Media

Dana Sparks

Safety Tips for UTV Drivers as Summer Season Arrives

Posted: Wed, May 27 6:51pm by danasparks · Discussion

Deborah Balzer

Mayo Clinic News Network Headline 5/15/15

Posted: Fri, May 15 4:48pm by balzerdeb · Discussion

Dana Sparks

Fearful of Frostbite?

Posted: Mon, Jan 5 10:47am by danasparks · Discussion

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