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Reminders for Avoiding Winter Mishaps

Snow, ice and the arctic air of winter are more than inconveniences  — there are major health concerns to be aware of, some which can be prevented. Lori Schumacher, emergency medicine physician assistant at Mayo Clinic Health System, discusses a few common potential health issues to watch out for throughout [...]

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Frostbite Isn't Only Danger in This Bitter Cold

The frigid temperatures barreling across much of North America this week are creating many serious health conditions. Frostbite is often the first concern that comes to mind when faced with such freezing temperatures. Mayo Clinic emergency medicine specialist, David Nestler, M.D., explains how dangerous frostbite can be and reminds the public there [...]

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Safe Snow Shoveling Tips

Shoveling snow can provide good exercise when done correctly but can prove harmful if people try to take on more than they can handle or use faulty techniques. Here are some tips from physicians at Mayo Clinic Health System for injury-free snow shoveling: • If you're inactive and have a history of heart [...]

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It's Never Too Late for Safety Reminders

Winter is well underway but it's never too late for reminders about how to properly handle snowblowers, especially in wet, heavy snow that can result in clogging a snowblower’s exit chute. According to the American Society of Surgery of the Hand, hundreds of people suffer serious accidents involving snowblowers each year, and the common weather conditions [...]

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Be Safe and Slow With Snowblowers (pkg)

Snowblower accidents cause more than 6,500 injuries each winter. More than a thousand people lose hands and fingers. One Wisconsin man, a piano player, is hoping that hearing his story will remind others to slow down, be safe and not become a victim, too. Dennis Douda has his story.  [TRT 2:00] Journalists: [...]

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YES Board Creates Efficiencies in Emergency Rooms

PHOENIX, Arizona — July 6, 2012.  When minutes matter, Yes is the best answer. And emergency room physicians at Mayo Clinic are finding the YES Board is the place to find answers. In the age of computers, a common problem in many health care institutions is that data come from [...]

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Mayo Clinic: Tool Helps Chest Pain Patients Decide on Tests, Cuts ER Costs

ROCHESTER, Minn. — April 10, 2012.  Patients who went to the emergency room with chest pain but were at low risk for a heart attack were less likely to seek more tests after their conditions were explained to them using an educational tool known as a decision aid, a Mayo [...]

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Dr. Brent Asplin on Emergency Medicine

This  Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend  features Dr. Brent Asplin talking about emergency medicine. Medical Edge Weekend 1-09-10

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Once a 9-11 Firefighter, Now a Mayo Clinic Physician (pkg.)

The events of 9-11 produced stories of tragedy and despair. Yet out of the wreckage also came stories of triumph, compassion and hope. The fireman you’re about to meet saw firsthand the destruction and loss of life at ground zero. At the time he was also a medical student, [...]

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Running from Dehydration, Heatstroke and Hyperthermia (pkg)

Running a marathon obviously takes training and dedication, but sometimes external factors can ruin your run and even make it dangerous. Excessive heat, like we’ve seen in many places across the U.S., is one such factor. Vivien Williams introduces us to a  runner who was taken down by heatstroke just 35 feet from the finish [...]

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Five Tips to Keep Your Summer Safe and Injury Free + SAVING LIVES WITH GUS: Fireworks Safety

Recent upgrades at YouTube have resulted in issues with some older versions of Internet Explorer. If you are only seeing a black box in the player, click here or open in a different browser. SAVING LIVES WITH GUS: Fireworks Safety

This video series is designed to educate, entertain and deliver life-saving [...]

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The Heat Is On: Be Safe In These Summer Temperatures

Expert Alert: Mayo Clinic Emergency Medicine Physician is available to give tips on surviving in this scorching heat People across the U.S. are enduring a sweltering heat wave – with temperatures and the heat index reaching well into the 100-degree range, putting many people at risk for heatstroke and even death.  [...]

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