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Hand-washing Do's and Don'ts Prevention: Influenza (flu)  Foreign object in the eye: First aid Food poisoning: Prevention What's the definition of palliative care?

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Monday's Housecall

THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES Slide show: 7 fingernail problems not to ignore Fingernails — See photos of fingernail conditions that warrant medical attention Heat exhaustion: First aid How to recognize and provide first-aid treatment for heat exhaustion EXPERT ANSWERS Pet allergy: Are there hypoallergenic dog breeds? Sleep and weight gain: [...]

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MONDAY HOUSECALL - Snoring Solutions, Fainting First Aid, Healthy Aging Tips and more ...

Featured Topic   Aging: What to expect Aging isn't glamorous, but you're not necessarily at the mercy of Mother Nature. Find out how healthy lifestyle choices can influence the way you age. Highlights Teen smoking: How to help your teen quit  Snoring  VBAC: Insight from a Mayo Clinic specialist Terminal illness: Supporting [...]

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7 Summer Sun Subjects

  Sun rash — Causes and prevention tips for this itchy red rash. Sun allergy — Causes, symptoms, treatment of an allergic reaction to sunlight. First aid  —  How to administer first aid for sunburn. Best sunscreen  — Here's help sorting through the options for sunscreen. Does sunscreen expire? —  Get the [...]

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