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Cancer survivors: Managing your emotions after cancer treatment

Cancer survivors: Managing your emotions after cancer treatment Get to know the emotions that are common for cancer survivors and how to manage your feelings. Find out what's normal and what indicates you should consider getting help. Cancer survivors, patients need flu shot If you have cancer or had it [...]

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Flu shots: Especially important if you have heart disease Barrett's esophagus Pain and depression: Is there a link? Dilated cardiomyopathy Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

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Mayo Clinic News Network — Headlines 9/10/14 Mayo Clinic News Network Headlines include: Flu shot  Stress before cancer surgery Weight loss plateau Journalists: Video is available in the downloads. Click here for script.    

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Flu Update: Mayo Clinic Experts Encourage Flu Vaccinations, Dispel Common Myths

Vaccination Options Are Available for Everyone MULTIMEDIA ALERT: For audio and video of Vandana Bhide, M.D., talking about the flu and flu vaccinations, visit the Mayo Clinic News Network. Jacksonville, FL — Flu season is upon us, and despite what most people think, influenza is a serious and potentially deadly disorder. The Centers [...]

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Flu Shot Prevents Heart Attack

It's flu season again, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends all people over 6 months of age should get vaccinated. Sure, the flu shot helps prevent the flu, but it also helps prevent something else. Heart attack. Here's the latest from Mayo Clinic.

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Preventing Influenza During Pregnancy Could Reduce Autism Risk (pkg)

Expectant moms have yet another good reason to get their flu shot. It may lower their new baby’s risk of autism. "From a public health point of view, this is very exciting news," says Greg Poland, M.D., head of Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group. "About 1 in 88 kids or so in [...]

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