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TUESDAY Q & A: Surgery can usually treat urinary incontinence, but less invasive options are available

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am 43 and have had trouble with urinary incontinence since having my fourth child at 41. It seemed manageable until about 6 months ago when I started to notice it happening more frequently. At what point should I consider surgery? ANSWER: Urinary incontinence is a common problem for [...]

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Medical Experts for Media - OB/GYN

Roger Harms, M.D. __________________________________________________________________________ Roger Harms, M.D., a consultant in obstetrics and gynecology Chair, Practice and Quality Committee, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota Distinguished Educator, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota Medical Editor-in-Chief, Editor-in-Chief, Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy Media Experience: Interview experience with local and national [...]

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Elective Early-Term Deliveries Increase Complications for Baby and Mom

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Dec. 16, 2013 — Enduring the last few weeks of pregnancy can be physically and emotionally challenging for some women. The aches and pains, the swelling of the limbs and the anxiety of when labor may start are part of the natural gestation process, but they also can [...]

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Mayo Clinic Lauded as One of Nation's Best Hospitals in U.S. News & World Report Rankings

ROCHESTER, Minn. — July 17, 2012.  Mayo Clinic ranked near the top of the 23rd U.S. News & World Report annual America's Best Hospital list, earning the No. 3 overall spot on its "Best Hospitals" list. Mayo Clinic in Rochester also was rated best in the nation in three clinical [...]

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Robotic Hysterectomies

Dr. Bobbie Gostout, a gynecologic surgeon at Mayo Clinic, speaks about the advantages of robotic surgery for women who need hysterectomies.

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Getting Patients Back To Health Faster with Enhanced Recovery Pathway for Gynecologic Surgery

A Mayo Clinic study has found that patients who had complex gynecologic surgery managed by an enhanced recovery pathway (ERP) had decreased narcotic use, earlier discharge, stable readmission rates, excellent patient satisfaction and cost savings. Patients were eating, drinking and ambulating shortly after surgery. Mayo Clinic gynecologic surgeon and lead study author Sean Dowdy, M.D., says, “Patients are [...]

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Mayo Clinic Lauded in Quality Rankings, Most Recently by US News & World Report

The 24th US News & World Report annual America’s Best Hospitals list released today reveals Mayo Clinic earned the No. 3 overall spot on the “Best Hospitals” list.  Mayo ranked No. 1 in the nation in five clinical areas — gynecology, diabetes and endocrinology, gastroenterology, nephrology and pulmonology. Mayo is [...]

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Mayo Clinic One of Nation’s Best Hospitals in U.S. News & World Report Rankings

  Mayo Clinic earned the No. 3 overall spot on the U.S. News & World Report annual America’s “Best Hospitals” list, making the top 10 in 15 of the 16 specialties. Number One top spots for Mayo include: Gynecology [Video] Diabetes and Endocrinology [Video] Gastroenterology  [Video] Mayo Clinic is ranked second in these specialties: Nephrology [Video] Neurology [Video] Cardiology [Video] [...]

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