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Joel Streed

Hand Arthritis: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute

Posted: Fri, Jan 2 10:30am by Joel Streed · Discussion

Susana Shephard

Hand sanitizing b-roll (:25)

Posted: Mon, Nov 10 6:05pm by Susana Shephard · Media


Hand Problems

Posted: Mon, Aug 10 3:06pm by Admin · Discussion

Dennis Douda

A Pain-free Thumbs Up! (pkg)

Posted: Wed, Jul 24 10:39am by Dennis Douda · Discussion

Dana Sparks

Take a 'Minute' to Check Your Golf Swing!

Posted: Mon, Aug 6 2:43pm by Dana Sparks · Discussion

Paula Gill

Get A Grip On Golf Pain (pkg.)

Posted: Tue, Jul 10 2:03pm by Paula Gill · Discussion

Dana Sparks

Get A Grip On Golf Pain (pkg.)

Posted: Wed, May 30 11:11am by Dana Sparks · Discussion

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