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There are so many suggestions for what makes a healthy diet that sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming!  On Saturday, June  28, at 9 a.m. CT, Mayo Clinic dietitian Kate Zeratsky will join us to cut through some of the confusion.  We'll discuss how to create healthy meals without being a [...]

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10 maneras de controlar la presión arterial alta sin medicamentos

Con estos 10 cambios en el estilo de vida, se puede reducir la presión arterial y disminuir el riesgo de padecer una enfermedad cardíaca  Por el personal de Mayo Clinic Si le diagnosticaron presión arterial alta (presión sistólica, o sea la primera cifra, de 140 o más; o presión diastólica, [...]

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Light therapy Walking: Is it enough for weight loss? Sore throat Video: Yoga for stress management Dietary fiber: Essential for a healthy diet

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Tuesday Q & A: Reducing four white foods may make it easier to eat less, lose weight

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I’m trying to lose weight, and a friend recently told me that cutting white bread and potatoes out of my diet completely will help. Is that true? If it is, what makes these foods so bad?       ANSWER: Your friend is right. Taking white bread and white potatoes, as [...]

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