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Deborah Balzer

Sugary Drinks: Find Alternatives for Better Health

Posted: Thu, Oct 1 6:30am by balzerdeb · Discussion

Deborah Balzer

Statins: What You Need to Know

Posted: Mon, Sep 28 2:23pm by balzerdeb · Discussion


Dr. Kopecky - groups who should take statins (:47)

Posted: Fri, Sep 25 3:16pm by jcrpete · Media


Dr. Kopecky - statins what are they (:24)

Posted: Fri, Sep 25 3:15pm by jcrpete · Media

Deborah Balzer

Aspirin 411: What the New Guidelines Mean

Posted: Fri, Sep 25 2:32pm by balzerdeb · Discussion


Aspirin: What we do know about dose (:37)

Posted: Fri, Sep 25 10:25am by jcrpete · Media

Dave Hansen

Mayo Clinic News Network Headline Gardening

Posted: Tue, Jun 2 6:04pm by dehansen · Media

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