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Monday's Housecall

THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES Hearing aids: How to choose the right one Many types of hearing aids exist. So which is best for you? Colon cancer screening: At what age can you stop? Colon cancer screening may have an upper age limit of effectiveness. What is it? Heart healthy for [...]

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Heart Disease: The No. 1 Killer of Women

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 60,000 more women than men die each year from coronary artery disease. Increasing awareness of heart issues in women is the first step toward reducing the death rate from this largely preventable killer. Understanding risks, prevention and symptoms are all integral to [...]

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Progresso Kicks Off The Heart Project in Support Of Mayo Clinic During Heart Health Month

What’s your heart health IQ? Learn the facts and share the signs MINNEAPOLIS — Feb. 5, 2014 — Heart disease affects all of us, either directly or indirectly. It is the leading cause of death in the United States. In an effort to make a positive difference in women’s heart [...]

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TUESDAY Q & A: Self-Care Steps Can Keep Your Heart Healthy During the Holidays

Dear Mayo Clinic: Is it true that heart attacks are more common around the holidays? If so, why is that? What can people do to lower their risk? Answer: Heart attacks, along with heart problems in general, are more common around the holidays. Various factors can play into this, including stress, travel, [...]

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Mayo Clinic Radio

  How often have you heard or read about a “heart-healthy diet” and wondered what exactly that means?  Get the full story on Saturday, Dec. 14, when Stephen Kopecky, M.D., and Mayo Clinic dietitian Peg Menzel join us to discuss the Mediterranean diet.  What is it that's so healthy about eating this way?  [...]

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Caring for Your Holiday Heart (pkg) Cookies, candy, eggnog ... these are some the favorite goodies we can’t seem to resist at holiday gatherings. But for patients with an underlying heart condition, a few days of eating the wrong foods can cause some serious problems. Mayo Clinic physicians say it's actually common for hospital admissions to increase during the holidays, especially for [...]

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