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A Heart Murmur Can be Innocent or Serious

A Heart Murmur Can be Innocent or Serious

Lubb-dupp. Lubb-dupp. Those words are often used to describe the sound of a heartbeat. That steady, regular sound is made by heart valves, opening and closing as blood circulates through your heart. The term heart “murmur” refers to a different sound. A murmur is an abnormal extra sound that can be heard [...]

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Early Surgery Better Than Watchful Waiting for Patients with Severe Mitral Valve Regurgitation

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Aug. 8, 2013 — Patients with severe mitral valve regurgitation who are otherwise healthy should have mitral valve repair surgery sooner rather than later, even if they feel no symptoms, a Mayo Clinic-led study by U.S. and European researchers found. The results challenge the long-held belief that it [...]

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