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Mayo Clinic in Florida Recognized for High-Quality, Cost-Effective Transplant Care

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville has been recognized as one of the first facilities in the nation to receive the Blue Distinction Centers+SM designation in the area of transplant care. Awarded through Florida Blue as part of a national program from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, the [...]

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Tuesday Q & A: Cardiac rehab beneficial for variety of heart disorders

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: What does cardiac rehab involve? Do you recommend it for everyone who’s had a heart attack, or only in certain cases? ANSWER: Cardiac rehabilitation is extremely beneficial for people with a variety of heart disorders. It involves a combination of medically supervised exercise, education and risk factor [...]

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Criteria for Heart Transplant

In this Medical Edge episode, Dr. Francisco Arabia talks about what makes a person a candidate for heart transplantation. To listen, click the link below. Criteria for Heart Transplant

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What to Expect After Heart Transplant

In this Medical Edge episode, Dr. Francisco Arabiadiscusses life after a heart transplant. To listen, click on the link below. What to Expect After Heart Transplant

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Heart Surgery and Heart Transplants

This week's Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend program is all about heart surgery and heart transplants.  Your host Dr. Tom Shives and co-host Dr. Jess Dhaliwal talk with Mayo Clinic cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Joseph Dearani. Medical Edge Weekend 9-12-09

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