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Mayo Clinic Minute 7/23/2015

Posted: Thu, Jul 23 2:39pm by Deborah Balzer · Discussion

Thursday Consumer Health Tips

Posted: Thu, Jul 23 5:00am by Jen O'Hara · Discussion

Mayo Clinic News Network Headline 7/8/2015

Posted: Wed, Jul 8 4:50pm by Deborah Balzer · Discussion

BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Children in Hot Cars

Posted: Wed, Aug 13 1:54pm by Dana Sparks · Discussion

Staying Safe in Scorching Temperatures

Posted: Thu, Jul 31 2:25pm by Dana Sparks · Discussion

Mayo Clinic News Network — Headlines 6/19/14

Posted: Thu, Jun 19 3:53pm by Dana Sparks · Discussion

Running from Dehydration, Heatstroke and Hyperthermia (pkg)

Posted: Wed, Aug 28 4:12pm by Dana Sparks · Discussion

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