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Measles Can Almost Always be Prevented With a Vaccine

USA Today - "An outbreak of measles that began at Disneyland before Christmas is disrupting lives in six states. Arizona became the latest state to report a case of measles related to Disneyland when a woman in her 50s was diagnosed. The outbreak has spread to Utah, Washington, Colorado, Oregon and [...]

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Mayo Experts Comment on Respiratory Illnesses

ROCHESTER, Minn. — With the recent news about a large number of children affected by respiratory illnesses in the central U.S., Mayo Clinic Children’s Center pediatrician Phil Fischer, M.D., and pediatric infectious diseases specialist W. Charles Huskins, M.D., share information about these illnesses, what parents should look for and how [...]

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Standing Water and Infectious Diseases After the Rain

Mayo Clinic Health System Infectious Disease Specialist: Use Caution With Standing Flood Water  MANKATO, Minn. — The stormy weather pattern in the United States Midwest this week has produced intense rainfalls and many communities are suffering from severe flooding, which can lead to a great deal of standing water. Though [...]

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Medical Experts for Media - Infectious Diseases

Larry Baddour, M.D. Robin Patel, M.D. ___________________________________________________________________________ Larry Baddour, M.D. Author of over 200 scientific articles Media Experience: Interview experience with local broadcast and national print media, including Reuters Health. To schedule an interview, call: Media Relations Consultant Bob Nellis (507-284-5005) ___________________________________________________________________________ Robin Patel, M.D., a specialist in clinical microbiology, [...]

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Whooping Cough Outbreaks: Mayo Clinic Expert Discusses Causes, Prevention

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Whooping cough, or pertussis, is making headlines, nearly all of them bad news. At least 18 children have died in recent months in what the U.S. government calls the highest infection rate in 70 years. And the problem is global, with similarly increasing rates reported overseas. While [...]

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The Olympics of Germs: Expert Offers Tips on Avoiding Illness in Crowds

ROCHESTER, Minn. — July 25, 2012.   Massive crowds from around the globe will mingle in London during the Olympics, and that means a world-class array of germs will mix with them. Mayo Clinic infectious diseases expert Gregory Poland, M.D., offers several tips for avoiding illness when you are around [...]

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Mayo Clinic Expert Discusses Safe Swimming Practices to Reduce Water-Related Illnesses

ROCHESTER, Minn. — June 18, 2012.  With the hot, muggy summer season arriving, kids will be heading to the pool to cool off. While swimming is refreshing, fun and good exercise, even chlorinated pools contain many germs that can make them ill. Mayo Clinic pediatric experts warn that many swimmers [...]

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A Physician's Guide for Anti-Vaccine Parents

ROCHESTER, Minn. — In the limited time of an office visit, how can a primary care physician make the case to parents that their child should be vaccinated? During National Infant Immunization Week, a Mayo Clinic vaccine expert and a pediatrician offer suggestions for refuting three of the most common [...]

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