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Zebrafish Discovery May Shed Light on Human Kidney Function

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Feb. 19, 2014 — Researchers say the discovery of how sodium ions pass through the gill of a zebrafish may be a clue to understanding a key function in the human kidney. The findings from a collaboration between Mayo Clinic and the Tokyo Institute of Technology appear [...]

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Acute Kidney Injury Study: Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute

Kidney problems are a fairly common occurrence in the ICU.  In this Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute, Dr. Kianoush Kashani tells us about a study that could help detect problems earlier. To listen, click the link below. Acute Kidney Injury Study

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“Good Samaritan” Kidney Donor and Expert Discuss Trend in Kidney Donation

Media Expert Alert: Altruistic Kidney Donor and Mayo Clinic Expert Available for Interviews Patients waiting for a lifesaving transplant rely heavily on the public to make the choice to become organ donors. The shortage of deceased donor organs has reached a crisis, with almost 120,000 people in need of a [...]

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What is Alport Syndrome

In this Medical Edge Radio episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Elizabeth Lorenz describes a condition known as Alport Syndrome. To listen, click the link below. What is Alport Syndrome  

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Mayo Genomic Discovery: Protecting Kidney Function During Heart Failure

Mayo Clinic cardiology researchers have found a peptide that helps preserve and improve kidney function during heart failure, without affecting blood pressure. Earlier variations of this peptide caused blood pressure to drop limiting the potential benefits to the kidneys. The findings appear in the current Proceedings of the National Academy [...]

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Living-Donor Kidney Transplantation

] At any given time, up to 60,000 people are waiting for kidney transplants. But unfortunately, there are not enough donor organs to meet that demand. That's where living-donor kidney transplantation can make a big difference. More on what it means to be a living donor from a couple who [...]

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Dr. James McCarthy, National Kidney Month

This Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend episode features Mayo Clinic nephrologist, Dr. James McCarthy. March is National Kidney Month. Medical Edge Weekend 3-20-10 Update: Dr. McCarthy took a few moments after the program to answer a couple of questions, on diabetes insipidus and apatite kidney stones that were tweeted to #mayoradio [...]

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Survey Says: Attitudes About Organ Donation Are Changing

A Mayo Clinic survey shows that the public’s support for both living and deceased organ donation is increasing.  Eighty-four percent of respondents said they would be likely or very likely to consider donating a kidney or a portion of their liver to a close friend or family member in need. [...]

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Transplanting Sibling Love - Sister Gives Kidney to Her Little Brother (pkg)

For his entire life, radio host James Rabe has known that one day he’d need a new kidney. A disease called Alport Syndrome slowly caused his kidneys to fail. As his condition advanced, the search for a new organ began. His big sister stepped up and gave part of herself [...]

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Biomarkers Discovered for Early Risk Assessment of Acute Kidney Injury

A large number of hospitalized patients often develop acute kidney injury (AKI) even if they have no prior kidney-related illnesses. This is one of the most costly and deadly conditions that can affect critically ill patients. However, a recent Mayo Clinic study has now identified two biomarkers of AKI that can be measured [...]

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Growing Organs From Patient's Own Stem Cells (pkg)

Organ transplantation has seen tremendous improvements over the years.  For example, kidney transplants are very successful operations today...but unless a patient gets an organ from an identical twin, he or she has to take medication to suppress the immune system to stop the body from rejecting the kidney. So, Mayo Clinic scientists are studying how to grow [...]

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Who Knew? Fruit Flies Get Kidney Stones Too!

Kidney stones in fruit flies may hold the key to a treatment for humans.  A research team from Mayo Clinic and the University of Glasgow  recently presented their findings at the Genetics Society of America annual meeting. “The kidney tubule of a fruit fly is easy to study because it is transparent and accessible,” says physiologist Michael F. [...]

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