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Knee Replacement Can Be Reasonable Option Even for Older Adults

Knee Replacement Can Be Reasonable Option Even for Older Adults November 9, 2012 Dear Mayo Clinic: I am 72 years old and need a knee replacement. Is this safe at my age? Will I be able to do the same activities after I have recovered from surgery? Answer: If you [...]

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Superobese Struggle with Hip and Knee Replacement

Common sense suggests that extra body weight severely stresses bones and joints. But until the findings of a new Mayo Clinic study were presented today at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in Las Vegas, no one had reported how this higher, unprecedented level of obesity [...]

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Extending Bundled Payment Program for Knee Replacement in Florida

Florida Blue and Mayo Clinic announced they are continuing their collaboration aimed at providing health care for patients in Florida. Specifically, the two Florida health care leaders are continuing their bundled payment agreement for the treatment of knee replacement surgery for Florida Blue's members. Click here for news release. Journalists: Sound bites [...]

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Florida Blue and Mayo Clinic Introduce Knee Replacement Bundled Payment Program

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Florida Blue and Mayo Clinic jointly announce a new collaboration aimed at providing the utmost in quality care for knee replacement patients in Florida. The two Florida health care leaders are teaming up to create a bundled payment agreement specific to the treatment of knee replacement surgery. [...]

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Lower-Income Patients Fare Better Than Wealthier After Knee Replacement, Mayo Finds

WASHINGTON — Patients who make $35,000 a year or less report better outcomes after knee replacement surgery than people who earn more, research by Mayo Clinic and the University of Alabama at Birmingham shows. The lower-income patients studied reported less pain and better knee function at their two-year checkups than [...]

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Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Resurfacing

In this Medical Edge Radio episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Cedric Ortiguera describes how robots are helping in some joint replacement surgeries. To listen, click the link below. Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Resurfacing

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Younger Knee Replacements

In this Medical Edge Radio episode, Dr. Michele D'Apuzzo discusses a study that looked at trends in knee replacement. To listen, click on the link below. Younger Knee Replacements

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Joint-Saving Knee Surgery

For many of us, wear and tear arthritis is an inevitable part of aging. Thousands of people have knee pain related to arthritis, and many go on to have knee replacements. But for younger patients, doctors at Mayo Clinic have another option. They're using high-tech computers to realign knee [...]

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  On the next Mayo Clinic Radio program (8/24), the studio will be full with three orthopedics experts. Mark Morrey, M.D., will join your host Tom Shives, M.D., and co-host Amy McIntosh, M.D., to discuss joint replacement and regenerative medicine specifically for the joints.  As joint replacement surgery becomes more common, more [...]

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