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Find Support When Parenting Through Cancer

Find support when parenting through cancer Parents may wonder how to best talk with children about a diagnosis of cancer. Here are some helpful tips. Tips for eating well during chemotherapy Here's how to get the nutrition you need — even when chemotherapy side effects make eating difficult Causes of [...]

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Cancer Surgery: Physically Removing Cancer

Cancer surgery: Physically removing cancer Has your doctor recommended surgery as part of your cancer treatment? Learn more about it to help put your mind at ease. Help for cancer survivors dealing with sexual pain Cancer treatment can make sex painful for some women. Learn how to talk with your [...]

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Tips for Seeking Second Opinion on Cancer Care

Tips for seeking second opinion on cancer care A second opinion sheds new light on cancer treatment options and gives you confidence on how to proceed with your care. Symptoms of colon cancer Many people with colon cancer experience no symptoms in the early stages of the disease. When symptoms [...]

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Stem Cell Transplant for Cancer Patients

Stem cell transplant This procedure may help if your bone marrow stops working or if you've had high-dose chemotherapy or radiation therapy for certain blood disorders. Personality affects how cancer survivors deal with care Extroverts and introverts have different ways of interacting while managing cancer. Breast Cancer risk factors A [...]

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Alternative Medicine for Cancer Patient Fatigue

Alternative Medicine for Fatigue Many breast cancer survivors experience fatigue during and after treatment, that can continue for years. Can bleeding problems during chemotherapy be prevented? When you have low levels of platelets due to chemotherapy, you bleed and bruise more easily. Here's how to lower your risk of bleeding. [...]

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Recurrent Breast Cancer

Recurrent breast cancer This breast cancer may occur months or years after your initial treatment. Know the symptoms and find out how to cope. Resistance training helps cancer survivors Using weights, weight machines or elastic bands to exercise has helped some people with cancer lessen fatigue and improve their quality [...]

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Anger and cancer — what to do with the difficult emotions

Anger and cancer — what to do with the difficult emotions Anger is normal when dealing with cancer. Try to direct it to something positive, be upfront about it and find a way to cope. Preventing infections during chemotherapy Chemotherapy drugs can damage your bone marrow, reducing your body's ability [...]

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Cultural Traditions Influence Caregiving With Cancer Patients

Cultural traditions influence caregiving with cancer patients After a diagnosis of cancer, cultural traditions may play a key role in helping you feel cared for and loved during treatment and recovery. Ovarian cancer September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Find out how this cancer is treated and what you [...]

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