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Mayo Clinic: Melanoma Up to 2.5 Times Likelier to Strike Transplant, Lymphoma Patients

ROCHESTER, Minn. — October 3, 2012.  Melanoma is on the rise nationally, and transplant recipients and lymphoma patients are far likelier than the average person to get that form of skin cancer and to die from it, a Mayo Clinic review has found. That is because their immune systems tend [...]

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Melanoma Risk After Transplant

In this Medical Edge Radio episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Jerry Brewer talks about a study which found that transplant patients and folks with lymphoma have a higher risk of contracting melanoma. To listen, click the link below. Melanoma Risk and Transplant

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Lymphoma Treatment Study

In this Medical Edge episode, Mayo Clinic Dr. Craig Reeder tells us about research involving an old drug in a new use. To listen, click the link below. Lymphoma Treatment Study

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Lifestyles and Lymphoma

In this Medical Edge episode, Mayo Clinic epidemiologist Dr. James Cerhan  talks about his research which found that lifestyle choices can affect your prognosis with a certain cancer. To listen, click the link below. Lymphoma and Lifestyles

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Mayo Clinic Study Suggests Two is Better Than One When Battling Agressive Lymphoma

When combined with a cocktail of chemotherapy drugs, two monoclonal antibodies, instead of one, appear to offer superior results in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, according to Mayo Clinic researchers working with the North Central Cancer Treatment Group (NCCTG). Researchers say that adding the targeted therapy epratuzumab to a [...]

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Vitamin D and Lymphoma

In this Medical Edge episode we hear from Mayo Clinic Dr. Thomas Witzig and Dr. Matthew Drake about a study that looked into the relationship between Vitamin D and Lymphoma. To listen, click the link below. Vit. D and Lymphoma

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Researchers Find Race Has Role in Incidence, Survival of Rare Brain Tumor

The incidence of a rare and deadly tumor called primary central nervous system lymphoma (PCNSL) is two times higher in black Americans, ages 20 to 49, than in white Americans, according to a Mayo Clinic study published in the June issue of Journal of Neuro-Oncology. In patients older than 49, [...]

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Mayo Clinic Study Finds Vitamin D Associated with Survival in Lymphoma Patients

A new study has found that the amount of vitamin D in patients being treated for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma was strongly associated with cancer progression and overall survival. The results were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology in New Orleans. These are some of [...]

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Preclinical Tests May Lead to New Treatment Approach for CNS Lymphoma

A drug recently approved for use in multiple myeloma is now being tested for its ability to fight central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma, a deadly cancer of the immune system that can affect the brain, spinal cord and fluid, and eyes. The clinical trial, now open on all three Mayo Clinic campuses — Florida, Minnesota and Arizona — follows successful [...]

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Surveillance Scans Add Little To Detecting Relapse Of Aggressive Lymphoma

Imaging scans following treatment for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma do little to help detect a relapse, according to a Mayo Clinic study.The overwhelming majority of patients with this aggressive lymphoma already have symptoms, an abnormal physical exam or an abnormal blood test at the time of relapse. Lead author Carrie Thompson, [...]

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