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Running into Fall Marathon Season - Thursday Tip #1

  Did you catch the exercise bug this summer? Have you been walking more and are you thinking of training for a 5K? Maybe you're an experienced runner who would like a few reminders about getting your best results? Mayo Clinic Health System physical therapist, Beau Johnson, offers a number of running tips. [...]

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The Donna Marathon, Mayo Runners and a Medical Tent (pkg)

It's not too late to register for The 26.2 with Donna Finish Breast Cancer Marathon if you're in the Jacksonville, Fla. area this weekend! It's the only marathon in the country where all race proceeds and donated funds go to breast cancer research and care for those with the disease.  Running any marathon certainly takes [...]

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Mayo Expert Offers Marathon Tips to Stay Healthy Before the Big Race

ROCHESTER, Minn. — October 1, 2012.  No matter how long or diligently runners train before a marathon, they invariably cross the finish line with some mark of the endurance test they've just experienced. To help alleviate injuries and stay healthy on race day, Ed Laskowski, M.D., co-director of the Mayo [...]

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Breast Cancer Marathon

In this Medical Edge Radio segment, Mayo Clinic Dr. Edith Perez discusses how funds raised by a marathon in Florida are being used for research into breast cancer. Click the link below to listen. Breast Cancer Marathon

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Surviving a Heart Attack and 96 Minutes of CPR (pkg)

It was two years ago when 54-year-old Howard Snitzer crumpled to the ground, suffering a massive heart attack, and more than 20 first responders came to his aid. Today he's enoying the slopes and a second chance at life. Some say it was divine intervention and others say it was everyone [...]

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Medics and Marathon Medical Tents (pkg.)

Running a marathon takes time and dedication. But sometimes those 26.2 miles can take a toll no matter how much you train. That’s why the 'medical tent' is a key element of every marathon. In this report, we visit a Mayo Clinic medical tent at a recent breast cancer marathon to talk about the [...]

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Health Tips if You're Running a Fall Marathon

Fall is a great time to run a marathon ... temperatures are cooler and the foliage is a bonus. But even if you're been preparing all summer, there are still health tips to consider. Read news release Mayo Clinic sports medicine expert Edward Laskowski, M.D., offers some pre-race tips: The day before the [...]

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96 Minutes Of CPR Saves A Life (pkg)

After a workout, Howard Snitzer stopped to pick up groceries for dinner and instead fell to the sidewalk with a massive heart attack. The volunteer response in Goodhue, Minnesota and the surrounding community was remarkable. More than 20 people took turns every 2 minutes to give Howard CPR for over [...]

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