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Widowhood may delay dementia, Mayo Clinic study says

PHOENIX — A new Mayo Clinic study suggests that the care and support family members give to elderly widows following the death of their spouse may be a factor in delaying dementia. The study presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark last week was designed to evaluate [...]

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Mayo Clinic: In-School Eye Movement Training Improves Early Reading Fluency

PHOENIX — In a new Mayo Clinic study, researchers examined the physical act of reading to see if practicing eye movements in school could lead to better early reading fluency.   Saccades or rapid eye movements are required for the physical act of reading. Previous studies have shown that the ability [...]

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Are your pets disturbing your sleep? You’re not alone, Mayo Clinic study finds

PHOENIX — Rest assured, there may be a good reason you’re dog-tired. While countless pet owners peacefully sleep with a warm pet nearby, a new Mayo Clinic study, presented this week at the 29th Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, finds an increase in the number of people experiencing [...]

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Mayo Clinic Study Finds Immunotherapy May be Option Challenging Breast Cancer

PHOENIX — A promising new study from Mayo Clinic, in conjunction with Caris Life Sciences, points to immunotherapy as a possible treatment option for patients with the difficult-to-treat triple negative breast cancer mutation. The study was presented this week at the 50th annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology [...]

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Mayo Clinic Neurologist Joins President Obama’s Dialogue on Concussions

PHOENIX —  David Dodick, M.D., a neurologist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona and an expert in concussion care and research, joined other medical experts and President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C., at the White House Healthy Kids & Safe Sports Concussion Summit today. The summit is a White House initiative to [...]

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Rectal cancer surgery outcomes enhanced with colorectal surgeons, Mayo Clinic study finds

PHOENIX — A new Mayo Clinic study shows that the type of surgeon and the type of hospital have a significant influence on long-term outcomes for patients who undergo surgery for rectal cancer. The study, published in Cancer in May, looked at the characteristics of hospitals where people got their [...]

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Mayo Clinic: diagnosticar la fuente de los problemas de la voz puede ser complicado

PHOENIX, Arizona - 11 de septiembre de 2013.  Quienes se ganan la vida con la voz pueden contar conMayo Clinic cuando presenten un problema.   AVISO A LA COMUNICACIÓN MULTIMEDIA: Si desea un video sobre el "Programa para la Voz" de Mayo Clinic, visite la Red Informativa de Mayo Clinic.   Las personas [...]

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Equipo de investigación devela causa primordial para recaída de mieloma múltiple

Resultados ofrecen perspectiva para ensayos clínicos con nuevas terapias oncológicas dirigidas SCOTTSDALE, Arizona - 18 de septiembre de 2013.  Los científicos descubrieron por qué el mieloma múltiple, cáncer de la médula ósea difícil de curar, suele reaparecer después de un tratamiento inicialmente eficaz, capaz de mantener a raya el problema durante [...]

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