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Mayo Clinic Researcher to Lead National Cancer Research Statistics and Data Center

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Mayo Clinic announced today that Daniel Sargent, Ph.D., has been awarded a $32.7 million, five-year grant by the National Cancer Institute to lead the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology’s Statistics and Data Center. The Center will be located at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center in Rochester. [...]

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Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Earns "Exceptional" Rating, Wins NCI Grant Renewal

ROCHESTER, Minn. – The Mayo Clinic Cancer Center (MCCC) announced today that it has received an overall "exceptional" score on the competitive renewal of its National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG). The grant award will provide roughly $28.6 million in funding over five years, providing essential support [...]

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Twitter Chats Connect Medical Experts

Twitter boasts hundreds of millions of subscribers. So, why wouldn't doctors with important news to share about treatment see if they could get the word out with a few well-worded tweets? Take a discussion recently on immunotherapy and ways medicine can work with our immune systems to fight cancer. Here's [...]

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Longer Telomeres, Considered Sign of Good Health, Linked to Brain Cancer Risk

Research conducted by Mayo Clinic investigators has found that two common gene variants that lead to longer telomeres — the caps on chromosome ends thought by many scientists to confer health by protecting cells from aging — also significantly increase the risk of developing gliomas, a deadly form of brain [...]

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Estudo ALTTO sobre terapia combinada anti HER2, no Câncer de Mama, indica que um único agente, o Trastuzumabe, permanece como o padrão ouro de tratamento CHICAGO — No maior estudo clínico já realizado para analisar a eficácia do tratamento do câncer de mama HER2 positivo, com um ou com a combinação de dois medicamentos, os pesquisadores relataram que o uso do lapatinibe (Tykerb) não apresentou  benefício ao tratamento auxiliar padrão com trastuzumabe (Herceptin), conforme [...]

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Cáncer de mama: Estudio ALTTO sobre terapia combinada anti HER2, encuentra que agente único — el Trastuzumab — sigue siendo el mejor tratamiento estándar CHICAGO — En el mayor estudio clínico que prueba la eficacia de un tratamiento versus dos drogas para tratar el cáncer de mama HER2-positivo, lapatinib (Tykerb ) no agregó beneficio en relación a la terapia adyuvante estándar, trastuzumab (Herceptin), según informan investigadores de la 50a reunión anual de la [...]

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Tamanho do tumor é fator determinante para resposta a tratamento com medicamento promissor para tratamento de melanoma CHICAGO — Ao examinar porque alguns pacientes com melanoma avançado respondem tão bem à imunoterapia experimental MK-3475, enquanto outros obtêm uma resposta mais fraca, pesquisadores da Clínica Mayo de Jacksonville, na Flórida, descobriram que o tamanho dos tumores, antes do tratamento, era a variável mais forte. Os cientistas afirmam [...]

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Tamaño del tumor es factor determinante en la respuesta a una promisoria droga para tratar el melanoma CHICAGO —Al examinar por qué algunos pacientes con melanoma avanzado responden tan bien a la inmunoterapia experimental MK-3475, mientras que otros tienen una respuesta menos sólida, los investigadores de la Clínica Mayo en Jacksonville, Flórida, descubrieron que el tamaño de los tumores, antes del tratamiento, era la variable más importante. [...]

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