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Tips for Prediabetes and Diabetes Meal Planning

WASECA, Minn. — Poor diet can obviously lead to health problems and weight gain. Conversely, proper food choices help people become healthier and manage certain conditions. For those with diabetes and prediabetes appropriate monitoring and management of diet is extremely important. Mayo Clinic Health System registered dietitian Sue Seykora offers these meal-planning [...]

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Spring Break Brings Reminders of Skin Care Concerns

LA CROSSE, Wis. — Spring break is just around the corner for many students, and as they prepare for the sandy beaches of popular vacation destinations, some are making trips to the tanning salon first ... but at what cost? “Tanning beds emit UVA rays which damage the cells in [...]

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Mayo Clinic Expands Its Reach in 2013

A Milestone for the Future of Health Care in Arizona  The Far East met the Southwest as Mayo Clinic in Arizona employees, benefactors, community leaders, and Hitachi leadership joined together in a traditional Japanese ceremony to welcome the arrival of the first wave of proton beam equipment. Mayo Clinic Expands [...]

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Mayo Clinic Reports Strong Performance in 2013, Reaching More Than 63 Million People

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Feb. 26, 2014 — As Mayo Clinic recognizes its Sesquicentennial year, the not-for-profit organization reached a record 63 million people in 2013. The strong performance was bolstered by successful implementation of new care delivery models — such as the Mayo Clinic Care Network — that provide knowledge to [...]

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Does Winter Weight Gain Really Keep Us Warm?

Is winter weight gain, or 'winter fat', a cultural expectation to indulge in high calorie foods during the long winter months or really necessary when the season brings plunging temperatures?  Mark Brumm, M.D., Family Medicine in Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare says, “There is some evidence that a small [...]

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Heart Disease: The No. 1 Killer of Women

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 60,000 more women than men die each year from coronary artery disease. Increasing awareness of heart issues in women is the first step toward reducing the death rate from this largely preventable killer. Understanding risks, prevention and symptoms are all integral to [...]

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Family Fitness: Tips for Your Family

MANKATO, Minn. — According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 13 percent of U.S. preschoolers are obese. Alyssa Baker, Mayo Clinic Health System wellness facilitator, says, “When it comes to healthy eating and active lifestyles, there are some simple changes parents, caregivers and children can make to become [...]

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic Health System Announce New 3-Year Payment Contract

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, the state’s leading nonprofit health plan and Mayo Clinic Health System, a family of clinics, hospitals and health care facilities owned by Mayo Clinic, announced today a new, three-year agreement that is designed to promote quality care while lowering overall costs. “Blue Cross and the [...]

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It's Sometimes Called 'The Winter Blues'

With winter in the northern hemisphere in full swing it’s not uncommon for people to feel sluggish or moody. Those symptoms can be typical of someone experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression that typically occurs during the winter. Symptoms include sleeping too much, overeating, loss of energy, social withdrawal and difficulty concentrating. [...]

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Mayo Clinic Study Finds Standardized Protocol and Surgery Improve Mortality Outcomes

Research helps identify stroke patients most at risk for mortality, treatments to reduce death rate MANKATO, Minn. — Jan. 27, 2014 — For patients who have experienced a large stroke that cuts off blood supply to a large part of the brain, the use of standardized medical management protocol and surgery [...]

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Mayo Clinic Improves Patient Safety in 2013, Reports Record Low Adverse Health Events

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Jan. 23, 2014 — The Minnesota Department of Health released its 10th annual Adverse Health Events report today and Mayo Clinic Hospital – Rochester reported only 29 events in 2013 — down from 38 in 2012. This decrease is primarily due to reductions in advanced-stage pressure ulcers [...]

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Reminders for Avoiding Winter Mishaps

Snow, ice and the arctic air of winter are more than inconveniences  — there are major health concerns to be aware of, some which can be prevented. Lori Schumacher, emergency medicine physician assistant at Mayo Clinic Health System, discusses a few common potential health issues to watch out for throughout [...]

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Influenza is Spreading Across the United States

Journalists: Mayo experts are available for interviews. Contact  507-284-5005 or According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) most of the country is now experiencing high levels of influenza-like-illness.  Mayo Clinic specialists are offering advice and dispelling some misconceptions about the influenza to help people stay healthy. Here are some tips for avoiding illness: Wash [...]

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Safe and Sober Holidays

The holidays can be stressful, and for those in recovery it’s a time to be vigilant against relapse. Fountain Centers, a Mayo Clinic Health System program for substance abuse and addiction, offers the following tips to help ensure a clean and sober holiday season. Common relapse dangers to be aware [...]

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It's Never Too Late for Safety Reminders

Winter is well underway but it's never too late for reminders about how to properly handle snowblowers, especially in wet, heavy snow that can result in clogging a snowblower’s exit chute. According to the American Society of Surgery of the Hand, hundreds of people suffer serious accidents involving snowblowers each year, and the common weather conditions [...]

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Critically Ill Patients at Mayo Clinic Health System Receive Additional Level of Care

Physicians, nurses at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota also monitor patients by computerized system ROCHESTER, Minn. — Sept. 5, 2013 — Critically ill patients are benefiting from a new program designed to improve care and shorten hospital stays. Mayo Clinic's Enhanced Critical Care program offers 24/7 remote monitoring of the sickest patients at six Mayo [...]

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When Should You Keep Your Child Home Sick from School or Daycare? Mayo Expert Offers Tips

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, Wis. — Children are bound to come down with the occasional cold or other viral illness, especially when cold weather keeps a whole class cooped up inside all day. Whether or not to keep your sick child home from school or daycare can be a difficult decision [...]

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Mayo Clinic Inducted into 2012 Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame

ROCHESTER, Minn. — November 29, 2012.  Mayo Clinic has been inducted into the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Class of 2012 at the 16th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas. Mayo is one of two organizations that received the honor for Innovative Products and Services. Additionally, Mayo Clinic was [...]

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Prematurity Awareness Month: Mayo Clinic Expert Explains Risk Factors

LA CROSSE, Wis. — Roughly 1 in 10 U.S. babies is born prematurely. Preterm labor can affect any pregnancy. To help highlight National Prematurity Awareness Month, Dennis Costakos, M.D., a neonatologist at Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse, explains some of the factors behind premature births. A child is [...]

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Mayo Clinic Expert Describes Evolving Roles of Hospice and Palliative Care

LA CROSSE, Wis. — Many people think hospice and palliative care come at the end of life, and while both often play a key role then, palliative care also can provide pain relief, symptom control, emotional comfort and spiritual support as patients recover from serious illnesses. National Hospice Palliative Care [...]

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