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Mayo Clinic News Network Headlines 2/27/15

Hi I’m Vivien Williams with headlines from the Mayo Clinic News Network. Research shows that screening for lung cancer with low dose CT scans saves lives. But a study from Mayo Clinic shows many people who could have benefited from early detection are dying because they don’t qualify for the [...]

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Mayo Clinic Radio Now Available on iHeartRadio

Mayo Clinic Radio Now Available on iHeartRadio

ROCHESTER, Minn. —Jan. 23 — Mayo Clinic Radio, part of the Mayo Clinic News Network, has begun delivering patient-centered audio programming from Mayo Clinic experts via iHeartRadio, which is a Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc., free, all-in-one digital radio service featuring the best in talk radio. The daily Mayo Clinic Radio [...]

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Social Networking Could Help Solve Medical Mysteries (pkg.)

The chest pain experienced by one of the women you’re about to meet was much more than a difficult recovery after giving birth. She had a heart attack when a rare and deadly condition stopped blood flow to her heart. After sharing her experience with others through social networking sites, [...]

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