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Mayo Clinic’s Campus in Phoenix Leads Nation for Highest One-Year Survival Rate for Liver Transplants

PHOENIX—Mayo Clinic's campus in Phoenix, Arizona, has been identified as having the highest one-year patient survival rate in the U.S. for adult liver transplantation.  The statistics include both deceased and living-donor liver transplants. These statistics indicate that 98.52 percent of all patients are living one year following their liver transplant [...]

Created by Lynn Closway

Combination Therapy Offers Quicker, Less Toxic Eradication of Hepatitis C in Patients with Transplanted Livers JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Nov. 9, 2014 — All patients with hepatitis C who receive a liver transplant will eventually infect their new livers. These transplanted organs then require anti-viral treatment before they become severely damaged. But traditional post-transplant hepatitis C therapy can take up to a year, is potentially toxic [...]

Created by Paul Scotti

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