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Whooping Cough

Whooping cough. It's a bacterial infection that's risen to epidemic levels in some parts of the U.S. In adults, the symptoms can be mild, but if the infection is spread to a baby who hasn't yet received a full course of vaccinations, whooping cough can be very serious. Here's more [...]

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Runner's Compartment Syndrome

It hurts when I run. That's what many orthopedic surgeons hear when runners and other athletes come into their offices. Sometimes people have obvious problems, such as strains or sprains. Other times these issues can be tricky to diagnose. The runner you're about to meet had symptoms he thought were [...]

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Dragon Boats and Breast Cancer

What do you get when you arm a bunch of breast cancer survivors and their friends with life vests, boat paddles and pink T-shirts? The answer is a competitive dragon boat team set out to spread the news that exercise and camaraderie are key to beating breast cancer.

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Winter Skin Care (pkg)

Temperatures are beginning to fall and as the winter months approach we shouldn't neglect the largest organ of our body - our SKIN.  In this report, Mayo Clinic experts offer some timely reminders for staying comfortable and healthy in the cold, dry air. Here’s Dennis Douda.  [TRT  2:07] Video and script are available [...]

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Pancreatic Cancer Survivor (pkg)

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can be devastating news. It is often very aggressive and tough to treat.  But research offers great hope for patients in terms of early diagnosis and better treatments. Here’s the story of one woman, a patient at Mayo Clinic, who is winning her battle with [...]

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