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Mayo Clinic, Partners Seek Medical Records Solution

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Medical records are an invaluable tool in treating patients. When a caregiver has ample information regarding a person's medical history, treatments are more effective and efficient. Unfortunately, few people have complete medical records — due, in large part, to a lack of any universal repository tools for [...]

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Back to School: Update Medical Records

With a new school year about to get underway, moms and dads have no doubt been going down their preparations list: school supplies, car pools, bus schedules - check. Mayo Clinic Children's Center says now's also the time to touch base with the school office to make sure administrators are aware of any special medical conditions, [...]

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Five Ways Patients and Care Providers Can Improve Health Care

Instead of wondering what your doctor wrote in your patient record after a visit, ask him or her to read back the notes to ensure accuracy. That's one of five simple steps Mayo Clinic suggests doctors and patients take to improve health care quality. Mayo Clinic defines quality as a [...]

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