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Monday's Housecall

THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES Menus for heart-healthy eating: Cut the fat and salt Do you want to adopt a heart-healthy diet but aren't sure where to start? Use these menus to jump-start your meals. Coping with stress: Workplace tips Year-end projects can be a lot to handle. Dealing with stress [...]

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Monday's Housecall

THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES 7 signs and symptoms not to ignore Some subtle symptoms — such as shortness of breath — could be red flags for more serious problems. Take note of these signs. Over-the-counter weight-loss pills: Do they work? Many weight-loss pills are readily available at your local drugstore. [...]

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Baby Boomers and Scoliosis: Osteoporosis Is Risk Factor

ROCHESTER, Minn. — For many adults, the word scoliosis conjures up childhood memories of lining up in gym class for an examination by the school nurse. But scoliosis isn't just a pediatric condition. Curvature of the spine can develop in adults too, and the osteoporosis that can accompany menopause is a risk factor. [...]

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Tuesday Q and A: Lifestyle changes, medication may help manage menopausal symptoms without hormones

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is there anything that can be done for menopausal symptoms that doesn’t include taking hormones? I’ve had breast cancer in the past so am unable to take hormones, but I wake up nearly every night because of night sweats and have occasional hot flashes during the day. [...]

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Monday's Housecall

THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES Menopause hormone therapy: Pros and cons Hormone therapy can provide effective relief from menopause symptoms. Talk with your doctor to weigh your personal risks and benefits. Best sunscreen: Understand sunscreen options With so many types of sunscreen out there, it can be hard to know which [...]

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Study Suggests Caffeine Intake May Worsen Menopausal Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

Study also shows that caffeine may help mood and memory in perimenopausal women ROCHESTER, Minn. — A new Mayo Clinic study, published online today by the journal Menopause, found an association between caffeine intake and more bothersome hot flashes and night sweats in postmenopausal women. The study also showed an [...]

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