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Dr. Raymond Iezzi- Controlling Vision Loss (:12)

(Sot) In controlling vision loss associated with diabetes the mainstay of treatment is really controlling the diabetes. Prior to the point where it induces vision damage

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Dr. Raymond Iezzi- Glaucoma Treatment (:17)

(sot) In terms of treatment for glaucoma we do have many treatments but they’re mostly based on early detection and so regular examinations with an eye care provider are critical in order to identify early signs of these diseases both diabetes and glaucomatous damage.

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Dr. Raymond Iezzi- Glaucoma Vision Loss (:30)

(sot) In addition to diabetes, glaucoma, which is an unseen, almost silent visual threat, is a very significant cause of blindness in the United States and worldwide. And glaucoma affects the optic nerve, the optic nerve is the portion of the eye and the brain that connects the eye to [...]

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Dr. Raymond Iezzi- Diabetic Related Vision Treatment (:30)

(Sot) Almost all of the treatment methods for diabetic retinopathy are really rescue attempts to try to stave off the affects of diabetes on the retina. Ultimately the only way that we can stop diabetic retinopathy and vision loss progression is to care for the health of that patient overall. [...]

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Dr. Raymond Iezzi- Diabetes & Mac Degen (:15)

(sot) We also see a significant amount of vision in association with diabetes so diabetic retinopathy can affect both the center and peripheral vision, it can affect both eyes and is a very severe problem in the United States

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Dr. Raymond Iezzi- Macular Degeneration (:09)

(sot) Age related macular degeneration is one of the most common causes of blindness in the western world and again this affects the center vision

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Mayo Clinic Campus B-Roll

This is of the Rochester campus-- Spring of 2015 (no nats) :00-32-- Mayo building sign with pedestrians walking by on sidewalk :44-1:30 Gonda tilt-down to plaza Tilt-up shot from Peace Plaza--past Siebens-- to Mayo and then to Gonda buildings 1:30-2:30 Plummer building tilt-shots Plummer tilt to Siebens 2:30-2:53 Tilt-down and [...]

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Mayo Clinic News Headline 4/6/15

Hi I’m Vivien Williams with a Mayo Clinic News Network headline. Aortic valve stenosis is a condition where one of your heart valves narrows and can’t open to let blood flow out to your body. Treatment usually means valve replacement via open-heart surgery. But not everyone can have that operation [...]

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