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Four Mayo Clinic Orthopedic Surgeons Named Among Top 26 in U.S. for Knee Surgery

Orthopedics This Week released a list of the top 26 knee surgeons (subscription required to view the article) in the United States. Among those on the list are Daniel Berry, M.D., Arlen Hanssen, M.D., and Mark Pagnano, M.D., of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and Henry Clarke, M.D., of Mayo [...]

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Mayo Clinic, Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx Announce Collaboration

Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center to open sports medicine facility in downtown Minneapolis ROCHESTER, Minn. ― Feb. 4, 2014 ― Mayo Clinic and the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx today announced a partnership which extends the Mayo Model of Care for patients in sports medicine to the Twin Cities. The collaboration [...]

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TUESDAY Q & A: “Frozen shoulder” develops slowly and can take months to heal

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I’ve had pain in my right shoulder for a few weeks that has been getting worse rather than better, even though I’m letting it rest. I have read the term “frozen shoulder” – could that be what I have? What causes it? Should I see my doctor, or [...]

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TUESDAY Q & A: Several choices available to treat degenerative hip disease in a younger patient

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am 36 years old and have had constant pain in my right hip for two years. Last year I was diagnosed with moderate degenerative hip disease. Medication managed my pain initially but is no longer effective. My doctor says the next step is a steroid shot or [...]

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Extending Bundled Payment Program for Knee Replacement in Florida

Florida Blue and Mayo Clinic announced they are continuing their collaboration aimed at providing health care for patients in Florida. Specifically, the two Florida health care leaders are continuing their bundled payment agreement for the treatment of knee replacement surgery for Florida Blue's members. Click here for news release. Journalists: Sound bites [...]

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Mayo Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon Inspires Young Women to Follow Her Lead

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Thirty years ago, when Mayo Clinic's Mary O'Connor, M.D., was deciding on a specialty after medical school, she heard that orthopedic surgeons had to be strong — so they could saw through bones — and should be former athletes so they could relate to the musculoskeletal system. [...]

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Florida Blue and Mayo Clinic Introduce Knee Replacement Bundled Payment Program

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Florida Blue and Mayo Clinic jointly announce a new collaboration aimed at providing the utmost in quality care for knee replacement patients in Florida. The two Florida health care leaders are teaming up to create a bundled payment agreement specific to the treatment of knee replacement surgery. [...]

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Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center Announces Schedule for Pre-Participation Physicals

ROCHESTER, Minn. — The Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center today announced the sports physicals schedule for high school athletes wishing to participate in athletic programs. The physicals will be performed from 8-11 a.m. on Saturday, March 3 at the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center, Charlton Building, Desk LC. The cost [...]

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Cancer.  Diabetes.  Trauma.  Many conditions can result in the need for an amputation.  As we hear from Tom Shives, M.D., a Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeon, because of today's advanced prosthetics, amputation is surgery that's really more reconstructive than destructive. To listen to the podcast segment, click the link below: Amputation [...]

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Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Norm Turner joined us to discuss the foot.  We discussed all sorts of conditions that can go wrong with the foot and talked about how to choose properly fitted shoes. Listen in to find out if flip-flops are harmful to our feet.  (Hint: I need to go shopping for [...]

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Dr. Sanjeev Kakar  joined us to discuss a very important part of our anatomy; the hand.  Learn all about what can go wrong with our hands and the latest on how those problems are being addressed. Medical edge Radio Full Show on "Hands" 9/15/12 - 45min mp3 Don't forget you [...]

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Dr. Richard Berger on Hand and Wrist Problems

This Medical Edge Weekend episode features Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Richard Berger, answering questions on hand and wrist problems. Medical Edge Weekend 7-16-11 Here are a couple of videos of Dr. Berger talking about wrist pain diagnosis and treatment, from Mayo Clinic's YouTube channel: [youtube=] [youtube=]

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Dr. Richard Berger on Hand Problems

This Medical Edge Weekend episode features Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Richard Berger, answering questions on hand and wrist problems.  Medical Edge Weekend 11-13-10 Here's a couple of videos of Dr. Berger talking about wrist pain diagnosis and treatment:  [youtube=] [youtube=] We look forward to hearing from you on Saturday.

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Dr. Norman Turner on Foot Problems

This Medical Edge Weekend program features Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Norman Turner on foot problems. Medical Edge Weekend 5-22-10

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Dr. John Sperling on Shoulder Injuries

This Mayo Clinic Medical Edge Weekend episode features Mayo Clinic orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Sperling talking about shoulder injuries. Medical Edge Weekend 1-2-10 Here is some video of Dr. Sperling from Mayo Clinic's YouTube Channel.

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ACL Injuries and Osteoarthritis: Mayo Clinic Joins Arthritis Foundation Study

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and a top cause of disability. Also, many people who injure their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), are at higher risk of developing arthritis.  In an attempt to learn more about osteoarthritis prevention and treatment, Mayo Clinic is joining an Arthritis Foundation-funded study to analyze damaged cartilage [...]

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  On the next Mayo Clinic Radio program (8/24), the studio will be full with three orthopedics experts. Mark Morrey, M.D., will join your host Tom Shives, M.D., and co-host Amy McIntosh, M.D., to discuss joint replacement and regenerative medicine specifically for the joints.  As joint replacement surgery becomes more common, more [...]

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A Pain-free Thumbs Up! (pkg)

Whether it’s getting in the way of your mad skills on a video game – or it’s interfering with your job – thumb arthritis is a common complaint. In fact, about 1 in 10 people will have to see a doctor for a painfully stubborn thumb. And women are [...]

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Hip Pain - Hip Surgery - Hip Replacement (pkg.)

If you have an achy hip medications and even cortisone shots can no longer tame, you may be headed for surgery...and you'd have a lot of company. A half million Americans have total hip replacements each year. Dennis Douda has this Medical Edge report. [TRT 1:58] Script and video are available [...]

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Less Surgery for Painful Joints

The need for joint surgery is declining among rheumatoid arthritis patients, possibly because they can now more effectively manage the disease with medication, Mayo Clinic research has found. When people diagnosed with arthritis since the mid-1990s do need orthopedic surgery, it now is more often on the knees rather than the hips, [...]

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