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Mayo Clinic News Headline 4/22/15

Hi I’m Vivien Williams with a Mayo Clinic News Network Headline. It is national infant immunization week, and the CDC the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says vaccinating your newborn baby is essential. Immunizations can and do safely prevent many dangerous and deadly diseases. Mayo Clinic pediatrician Dr. Robert [...]

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Signs and Symptoms of Pertussis

Signs and Symptoms of Pertussis ZUMBROTA, Minn. — Symptoms of an ordinary common cold are hard not to miss. But could it be worse? Mayo Clinic Health System has diagnosed several confirmed cases of pertussis, also commonly known as whooping cough. Family medicine physician at Mayo Clinic Health System – Red Wing in Zumbrota, [...]

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Whooping Cough Outbreaks: Mayo Clinic Expert Discusses Causes, Prevention

Whooping Cough Outbreaks: Mayo Clinic Expert Discusses Causes, Prevention

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Whooping cough, or pertussis, is making headlines, nearly all of them bad news. At least 18 children have died in recent months in what the U.S. government calls the highest infection rate in 70 years. And the problem is global, with similarly increasing rates reported overseas. While [...]

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Whooping Cough

Whooping cough. It's a bacterial infection that's risen to epidemic levels in some parts of the U.S. In adults, the symptoms can be mild, but if the infection is spread to a baby who hasn't yet received a full course of vaccinations, whooping cough can be very serious. Here's more [...]

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Outbreaks of 'Whooping Cough' Reported Across the Country Outbreaks of pertussis or 'whooping cough' are being reported across the country, and according to a recent study published online in the journal Pediatrics, the outbreaks are linked to unvaccinated children. While the bacterial infection can be mild in adults, if a baby who hasn’t received a full course of vaccinations is infected, whooping cough can be [...]

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Whooping Cough - Preventing Outbreaks and Looking at Causes

Whooping cough (pertussis) continues to make headlines, as the U.S. government is calling the latest outbreak the highest infection rate in 70 years. There are increasing rates being reported overseas as well, and while helping prevent the disease is in part up to medical experts, everyone can take some basic steps such as getting [...]

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TUESDAY Q & A - Resurgence of Pertussis Makes Vaccination Important for People of All Ages

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is it true that adults should be vaccinated against pertussis? I thought that was a childhood disease. Hasn’t it basically been eliminated in the United States?   ANSWER: Now more than ever, it is important for everyone — including adults — to be vaccinated against pertussis. There is [...]

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The Olympics of Germs; Avoiding Illness in Crowds

MEDIA ADVISORY: Mayo Clinic Infectious Disease Expert Offers Tips on Avoiding Illness in Crowds Massive crowds from around the globe are converging on London during the Olympics, which means a world-class array of germs will mix with them. Mayo Clinic infectious diseases expert and director of the Vaccine Research Group at [...]

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