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Nivolumab shows significant benefit for Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Mayo Clinic co-led phase I study

ROCHESTER, Minn. — A phase I clinical trial of nivolumab found that the immune-boosting drug is a highly effective therapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The multi-institution study, led by Mayo Clinic, indicated that the drug was safe and led to an 87 percent response rate in patients who had failed on [...]

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Pesquisadores da Mayo Clinic identificam primeiras fases na formação do câncer de pâncreas

JACKSONVILLE, Flórida — Pesquisadores da Clínica Mayo de Jacksonville, Flórida, informam que identificaram as primeiras fases no desenvolvimento do câncer de pâncreas. A descoberta sugere estratégias preventivas a serem exploradas. Na edição online do Cancer Discovery, os cientistas descreveram os passos moleculares necessários para que as células acinares do pâncreas [...]

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Investigadores de la Clínica Mayo identifican los primeros pasos en la formación del cáncer de páncreas

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — Investigadores del campus de la Clínica Mayo en Jacksonville, Florida, dicen que han identificado los primeros pasos en el origen del cáncer de páncreas y que sus hallazgos sugieren estrategias preventivas para explorar. En una edición en línea de Cancer Discovery, los científicos describieron los pasos moleculares [...]

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Longer Telomeres, Considered Sign of Good Health, Linked to Brain Cancer Risk

Research conducted by Mayo Clinic investigators has found that two common gene variants that lead to longer telomeres — the caps on chromosome ends thought by many scientists to confer health by protecting cells from aging — also significantly increase the risk of developing gliomas, a deadly form of brain [...]

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